Winter and Summer Teen Activities that Will Make them Want to Spend More Time with You!

Teenage is an age of fun!

Spending quality time with your teens holds significance as it helps to maintain a healthy relationship. Mostly, it becomes difficult to spend time together because teenagers are occupied with school, sports, or other teen activities. They spend time with their friends instead of staying at home.

Parents need to create fun teen activities for their teenagers as it not only helps them have better social skills but also enhances their self-esteem. Such activities help them navigate their way to build self-confidence. But what kind of teen activities is the question that comes in the minds of parents?

Finding healthy teen activities can sometimes be challenging. With a little creativity, you can develop something interesting. Here’s a twist; involve your teenagers in this task and create more fun. Are you looking for some fun activities to do with your teenager? Keep on reading. You will get to know the productive teen activities which will keep your teenagers involved.


Here are some activities you can do with your teenagers, in both summer or winter season.

Summer Teen Activities

“I am getting bored” is sentence parents often hear in the summertime when teenagers are on break. They want to do something fun. Otherwise, they can spend time on social media.
Have a look at the following healthy and fun teen activities.


Watch a Movie

Watching a movie with your teens can be a fun task if done creatively. For this purpose, you can try a backyard theme or a book and movie challenge.

Revive the old classic theme by placing a movie projector and white sheet in your backyard. Some popcorns and eatables of your teen’s choice will be the cherry on the top. You can always ask your teenager to suggest the movie of their choice, so they don’t lose interest.

For a book and movie challenge, ask teens to read the books on which movies are made. Later, ask them to watch that movie and compare which one is better; the book or movie.


Learn a New Language

Learning a new language can be fun. Ask your teens to learn a foreign language that they love. You can get them enrolled in a language class of their choice. It will be an exciting venture for them. Also, they will be able to learn about the culture of foreign language speakers.


DIY Crafts

DIY’s are an excellent time pas. Sometimes, teens, especially girls, feel crafty, and they want to try innovative and creative ideas.

DIY Glitter Mugs, wrapper bracelets, bath salts, glass painting, are some of the many DIY’s that teenagers can try to satisfy their artistic sense.


Hosting Tournament

Parents can involve friends of their children and host tournaments. Sports fanatic teenagers love this kind of tournaments. It also helps them stay active and fit. Involving your child’s friends will create an atmosphere of harmony and sportsmanship. Your teenager will learn leadership skills and will also develop skills if (s)he wants to pursue a career.


Let Them Do a Summer Internship Program

Your teenager can get valuable experience by working in an internship program. Whether paid or unpaid, it will be a life-changing opportunity, and they will know how to interact with others. It will also engage them and give them a sense of achievement. The understanding they gain will give them an idea of how things work when you are in a corporate environment.



Camp-out far from residence or even in the backyard of your home can be an exciting activity for teenagers. You can organize a treasure hunt to make the camp-out more fun. Furthermore, if you put a camp near the beach, teenagers will enjoy more as they will get a chance to do water tubing, build castles of sand, or skip stones. The family can also sing-song or play, hide, and seek.



Cooking is a cheap and delicious activity in which teenagers can show their creative side. Look for what your teenager likes to eat. Mostly, teenagers are fond of junks like burgers, pizzas, etc. You can involve your teenagers by asking them to bring the required ingredients. A little help in cooking is no harm, and you can always ask your child to cook their favorite meal. This activity will not only keep them busy but also by adding something different to the recipe that will display their creative side. Let them play with their imagination.


Water Teen Activities

A water park nearby will be a thrill. No matter where the park is located, teens tend to enjoy swimming, and teen activities related to water are always exciting for them. From water tubing, waterskiing, surfing to yacht racing, and sailing, numerous fun activities will keep your teenager engaged.


Winter Teen Activities

The long, dark winters can be boring, and finding fun teen activities to do can be a challenging task. Lazy and cold winters might lead to different unhealthy habits likes overeating or sleeping too much. Don’t let the cold stop your teenager from having fun.

Here’s a list of teen activities you can do with your teenager and fill your winter bucket list.


Nothing beats a bonfire in winter with a mug of hot coffee by your side. Host a bonfire, and cherish the moment with your family. You can also invite your friends to this cozy party. Besides, a barbeque can be on the menu to make the activity more exciting.



While staying indoor in winters, you can also arrange games for your teenager. Games could be of any type e.g., Video games, minute to win it, who am I, monopoly, or two lies and a truth. If added extra twists, these fun-filled games can help teenagers unleash their creative aspects.


Hot Springs

There is no substitute for taking hot springs bath in winter. Do some research on nearby hot springs and soak yourself in one.


Ice Skating

Let your teenager enjoy the cold breeze and skate along. You see frozen lakes and ponds everywhere throughout the winter. Let your child skate on the scenic rinks. Trust us! They will love it.


House Decor

Winter season is full of events like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Involve your teenager in home decor. Ask them to participate in decorating things like Christmas trees or arranging gifts for friends and family. It will help them in the decision-making process as well, and they will feel independent.


Solve a Problem Together

Problem-solving skills are necessary and a key to managing life. Mostly, teenagers fall behind because they don’t know how to tackle a problem. For this purpose, you can put forward a problem of household, like how to declutter a portion of the house. You can also give them a math problem to solve. Let your teenager develop a solution on their own-whether right or wrong. Parents can step in to help them with solutions. This way, teenagers can improve their problem-solving capacities, and they will take more interest later in solving minor or significant problems.

Whether summer or winter, encourage your teenager to take part in different teen activities. These activities are a great source of joy, and it creates a strong bond among family members. Don’t give up! These teen activities will keep your teenager strong; physically and mentally.