Your baby has entered another month of his life. He is now eight months old. With the passage of every month, you see tremendous changes in your baby’s behavior. He is now more responsive to the world. He is more curious now. Here are some changes or developments that you can notice in your baby.


Here we are talking about 8-MONTH-OLD baby’s development:


At this stage, your baby improves his social and emotional development. You may notice that your baby has many mood swings. Sometimes you see that your baby is like two separate babies. At first, he is open, kind, affectionate, and loves to go outside with you, but the second time he becomes so clingy, fussy, anxious, and feels discomfort in front of unfamiliar people or things.

Many people around you may consider it as you are spoiling your baby; that is why he has an attitude, or that is why he is shy and fearful. But do not ever believe it. His different mood swings are just because he is facing every situation for the very first time. He can make you realize his experience of familiar and unfamiliar situations. It is not because of you and your parenting style. It is just because it is happening for the first time, and he is not able to understand how to react.

You also notice that in the third month your baby is so calm and not show any kind of anxiety in the presence of strangers but now your same baby shows anxiety in the presence of unfamiliar faces. You may think that something is wrong with your baby but believe me, it is okay. Now he is active and responsive and can understand his surroundings so he reacts to unfamiliar events and people also. Even the baby feels anxiety in the presence of familiar faces like relatives and other babysitters with whom your baby was so comfortable when he was of three months, but now he shows anxiety in the presence of those relatives.

You also notice that he becomes clinch in case of leaving you. It is called separation anxiety. Babie’s is now more attached to you. He can now feel your absence and presence. He also learns that everything is unique and permanent. And he knows you are the only one for him. If you go out of his sight, he becomes restless. He knows that you are not with him but somewhere else you are present. So, he becomes agitated in your presence.

In this month, he has no sense of time so he has no idea that in how much time you will come back to him. With the passage of time, he will develop an understanding of time with the help of past experiences. He will know that whether you come back, so it will comfort him in your absence as he knows now because of his experience that you will come back soon to him. But currently, he is only aware of his presence. So, whenever you leave him it will make him restless. He will fuss and cry in your absence. Even you leave him with someone else he may cry for your search. Even at bedtime, he does not want to leave you until he sleeps, and he will wake up in the middle night in search of you.

The question arises in your mind is that how long will this separation anxiety last in your baby? The answer is here. It will vanish about ten to eighteen months of his life and go away in his second half-year of his life. This phase of your baby is very frail for both of you. In some babies, it is not so much dominant but in other cases, it is very painful for both mother and baby. He is not going to bear a single moment of his life without you, after all, you are his first love, and it shows the level of attachment of your baby with you. His desire to be with you every time is a clear alarm for you of his great love for you.

This feeling is so special for you that your kid feels nothing without you except anxiety. You know your value in the eyes of your baby, you are priceless for him, and you are valuable for him. All these feelings make you feel so well but on the other hand, you can feel so suffocated from his continuous fussiness. He cannot even give you your space. He wants to be with you all the time and it may cause severe tension for you as you are no longer able to do your personal chores or house chores. Here are some suggestions that may help you to overcome this.

Your baby shows more separation anxiety symptoms when he is hungry, tired, or ill. If you must go outside during these situations set your schedule like that you go outside when he is sleeping or eating. Do not try to leave your little angel when he is sick. Try to be with him during these situations as he needs you more when he is ill and not feeling well because only a mother can soothe a baby in this situation. Do not leave your baby.

Before you go outside, spend some time with him. The people who have to stay with the baby in your absence create a bonding just at that time when you have to go. He may create a distraction like new toys or play some mirror games with the baby. When he realizes you went, he will cry, but his cry is just for few minutes; he will give his attention to the person staying with him soon, or he will be busy playing with toys. You can also provide him with training about separation anxiety at home. Help him learn to manage separation anxiety. Do some practice sessions at home.

When he crawls, do not follow him. If he crawls to another room, don’t follow him for a few minutes. He will learn that nothing bad happens in your absence. And if you have to go to another room tell him that I am going to another room and will be back in a few minutes. If he fusses, don’t rush back to him, call his name, or tell I am coming baby. So, in these ways, he may learn about how to deal with separation anxiety. When he comes to know that you will come soon, it will vanish his anxiety as he learns that nothing bad is going to happen in mama’s absence.

If you take your baby to a child care center, you should not just drop her and leave; spend some time with your baby, as it is a new environment for him. If you leave him instantly, surely, he will cry all day. When you come to know he is busy now in playing, just leave. And reassure your baby that you will come to him soon. Some babies have more attachment than others towards their parents.

So, if your baby has a strong attachment with you, separation anxiety will occur earlier in him as compared to other babies. Instead of irritation and troubling during these months, try to be with your kid. Show your love and affection for him; tell him that he is most important for you. Does not fuss on baby during these months, in fact, deal it with warmth and humor. This will be developing his emotional base on which he can rely on in the coming years.

As you know, your baby is born with unique and separate traits and preferences. He considered you as a part of himself. He is not taking you apart of him, but now his senses to identity are going to boost up. And he develops a sense of himself as an individual. He will now take you as a separate person from you. And he is now conscious about you as a separate person. Now he is also self-aware that the baby in the mirror is himself he is.

Before an eight-month baby used to think that the mirror is another fascinating object or some other baby is in the mirror. But from now, he is much aware that the face in the mirror belongs to him. You notice him doing different things in front of the mirror now like he touches his nose, his ears, and his hairs to make sure that the baby in the mirror is himself he is. Mother can reinforce the baby’s sense of identifying by playing mirror games with him.

You can play with him peek-a-boo. While playing mirror games, you can tell him by touching his nose that this is your nose, and this is mama’s nose, etc. Make funny faces in front of the mirror. It will be fun for the baby. He is now liking to play social games like patty cake and peek-a-boo. He also wants to include in activities of other family members. Make him a part of your family meals and family activities.

It will boost up his confidence. And he also knows himself as a separate person. He is now wanting attention and makes noise for your attention. At this stage, babies are attention seekers, as they make funny sounds for taking your attention. They can point to different objects for some reason. For example, he wants a toy that is far from him. He will point his finger towards the toy and tell you that he wants that toy.

He has now his own taste, his own liking, and disliking. If he likes or dislikes something, he will give you a clear sign of it. He can laugh now and can smile with a full heart. And he does not want to leave you. He has now feelings of fear also. Fear of strangers is also developing in them. Babie’s do not like to be around strangers. They start mimicking at this age also. They try to copy you. By this month, they also learn about exerting control like they show you their toys but will not give it to you. In this month, baby will learn to protect himself as well as his belongings also.

Now he learns to say you no like feeding time he can push a spoon away. He is now able to focus on one thing and does not care about other things while focusing on one thing. (S)He can be afraid of loud noise, for example, vacuum cleaners, banging some objects, or loud voices. He may be sensitive about others’ pain; for example, when he sees someone cry, he also starts crying. He cares about your mood also. Like if you are sad, he is also sad and if you are happy, he is also laughing and feel happy. He shows clear liking and disliking towards certain people or objects also.



By this month, babies become physically strong. Their bones are going to be stronger with the passage of time. They can now sit without any help or support. Baby can sit independently now. They can stand while holding your hand or with the help of some furniture. They can now push themselves towards the objects they like. Babies at this age try to put everything in their mouths. They can now start self-feed. They pick up some piece of food with the help of their finger or thumb. He is now able to amuse himself by playing with toys or reading books. (S)He loves to watch full-color books. He is now enjoying your cuddling and tickling also.

Baby is now able to shake his head in no or yes position also. He can find hidden objects easily. Now, he is curious and wants to know everything around him. So, he can now easily find hidden objects. At this stage, baby’s arms muscles are more developed instead of leg muscles, so he explores with his hands so much. He tries to pick up the objects.

He can wave you and say bye to you and can also clap for you. Place objects and toys in front of him and tell him to move forward the toys. It will enhance his muscular strength. He is now starting to look at the correct picture when you say the name of the picture. For example, when you say apple so he will look at the picture of an apple in the book. It is because you had developed in him the habit of reading when he was of three months, so now he remembers and looks at the object when you say it.



Mother is the first teacher of the baby. You can play a very vital role in your baby’s development. Baby learns from you. He is trying to copy you, so be the best example for your baby. Encourage your baby to self-feeding. It will boost up his hand to mouth coordination also. You can use carrot cheese rice cakes for finger feeding purposes. Now your baby can sit independently; he is also trying to stand. So, you should help him in standing by giving him support or some furniture support. Sofas are great for standing purposes. Be there behind him when he is trying to walk, in case of any wobble, you can catch him easily, and baby could be safe from injury.

Your little angel is now in the stage of bumps and falls. It will disturb you, but be brave, your baby learns a lot from this. It is his first step towards walking. Enjoy watching him learning his walk. But be there for him. Do not leave him alone while he is trying to walk. He likes toys that make sounds, so purchase such toys that have bright colors and pretty good sounds. Your house should now be baby proof as your baby now starts crawling, so your home should be according to the baby’s safety. Keep away all cosmetics or other cleaning objects from the reach of your baby. You should lock up your washroom and kitchen when the baby starts crawling.

Make sure your home stairs have some gate so that the baby does not cross it. Make sure there is no electronic wire or appliance on the floor or in the baby’s reach. Little pieces and coins should not be in the house. As your baby starts walking so the thinking in your mind can be that you should now buy shoes for your baby. So, you have to know that it is not yet necessary for the baby. It is good for baby muscles when he walks barefoot on the ground. Walking barefoot will strengthen their muscles and help them to create balance while walking. With shoes, maybe the baby won’t be relaxed or comfortable because it will be a new thing for him.

Firstly, let him learn how to walk properly, how to balance on the floor then you can buy a shoe for your little angel. Some parents use a walker at this stage for babies. It is not a good idea. It is a time for exploring things; in the walker, he may not be so safe. He discourages floor play that is not good. Floor play encourages him to crawl to roll over or to walk. So never give your baby walker as it is not so safe also. Talk to your baby.

It will boost up his language skills. Also, teach him manners by saying thank you please to him. Play hide and seek games with your baby. Say to him where is the daddy? Where is the mommy? It will enhance his language skills. While playing with your baby involves other families too in the game. It will be fun for the baby. In the game follow your baby.

Let him lead the game. Let him decide what he wants to do. It will also boost up his confidence level. Although your baby starts solid feed but do not forget to breastfeed him as milk is still his primary source of nutrition, and solid food is a secondary source of nutrition. So, do not forget to feed him milk. When he is sick or upset from something, hold him, hug him, and tell him you are here for him to soothe him. Daily massage your baby also. It is the best way to give your baby mother’s touch. Now your baby understands everything. He would love to bath now.

He loves water also and enjoys while playing with water. Make his bath time joyful by playing some games with him in the bathtub. Fill his bathtub with beautiful toys. It is now time to introduce your baby with new toys. So, buy some new toys that have variety and bright colors. Do not shake your baby. He is still so soft. Whenever you are in anger, go outside, relax, and then come back. Shouting at the baby or shaking him is dangerous for the baby. It can damage his brain and can cause internal bleeding also.



In the case of a baby boy, the weight should be 7.0 to 10.5 kg. Baby’s height should be 66.5 to 76.7 cm, and his head circumference should be 42.2 to 46.9 cm. And in the case of a baby girl, the weight should be 6.3 to 10.0 kg and her height should be 64.3 to 73.2cm. Her head circumference should be from 40.9 to 45.9cm.