7 Best Cooking Games for Kids that Lets them Have Fun While Learning New Things!

Encouraging your kids to play cooking games is a great way to teach them practical skills. It not only keeps them busy but also keeps them entertained.

Kids, whether boys or girls of all ages, can play cooking games. People think that cooking is for girls only so girls should play these games. But no! Time is changed, and boys are equally interested in playing such games.

There are many online cooking games for boys and girls that help instill in them the love for cooking. These games allow kids to cook food virtually. Furthermore, online cooking games for kids also challenge them by assigning them different tasks.

Great cooking games are available 24/7 online. If you want to get your kids to grow up with the desire to cook and create something new, then you are on the right page. We will tell you about the online cooking games for kids (both boys and girls).

Here are some of the best cooking games for your kids to play.

1) Goodgame Cafe

Goodgame Cafe was developed in 2014. In this game, instead of building a city, kids have to create a café. This café is owned by the kid where (s)he is the owner and chef both. Goodgame café allows kids to buy the ingredients on their own. From buying to cooking and serving food, kids have to do everything on their own. Kids, by playing this cooking game, not only develop culinary skills but also know how they can manage their business.


2) Apple Piglet Cooking Show

This cooking game for kids was developed in past years and is related to decoration. Kids in this game are required to present the dishes by decorating them. Angie, the owner of the show, already prepare meals. She only needs help with decoration and table making. Girls are more likely to like this game as it deals with décor and table setting and is fun to play while making the decoration game strong.


3) Toca Kitchen

Kids want to play with food. Toca Kitchen helps kids make food for everyone. This game includes four characters, and you have to cook with them. Kids are given a choice to pick any ingredient and create whatever they wish from that ingredient. Mix, stir, fry, or microwave! It’s all up to the kids what way they want to. This game includes 12 different ingredients, and there are 170 different ways in which kids can prepare food.

4) Sara’s Cooking Class

This playful food paradise is an exciting game for kids, particularly girls! Baking and cooking are the main focus of this game. Over 200 ingredients are available in the game from which kids can choose and prepare food. Play with the ingredients and help unleash your inner chef. You can make almost 17 different recipes, including cake baking or cooking any dish of your choice. There is plenty for the entertainment of kids. Kids can practice these easy and mouthwatering recipes in real life too.

5) Pizza Factory for Kids

Pizza is the favorite dish of all kids! Keeping this in mind, the Pizza Factory for Kids was developed. It allows them to prepare pizza according to their recipe. This game has different ingredients from which pizza can be prepared. Kids can make the dough, cut vegetables, and assemble the pizza as desired. The game becomes more interesting as the customers include penguins, dogs, and robots as well apart from humans. Also, there is an option for pizza delivery. So! Play this game and explore your culinary talents.


6) KidECook

Let your kids prepare food without being messy. KidECook allows kids to prepare food in a fully equipped kitchen where they can make different easy recipes. Moreover, it teaches the kids different measurements and methods; so they can know how to create some unique recipes by taking care of measures and weights. From mixing different ingredients to taking care of measures, KidECook is perfect for helping kids learn cooking.


7) Bistro Cook 2

In this game, kids are given a set of ingredients and are asked to prepare food using those ingredients. Kids have to make orders given by the customers. After taking an order, kids will have to search the ingredients from the pantry, prepare their order, and then serve. But don’t burn the food as it will result in losing some points.

Honorable Mention

This fast-paced game requires speedy cooking. In this game, you have to assist Flo-the restaurant’s owner. Flo needs help with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The mission of this game is to feed and satisfy the customers. You can also earn big tips if customers like your service. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to help Flo in the kitchen to earn bonus points and tips.
Let your kids play these exciting and mouthwatering games and get them trained in every step of cooking, from gathering ingredients and chopping to baking and preparing delicious foods.


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