Now your baby has entered in the 5th month of his life. You can feel a lot of changes this month too. He will become more active and responsive to the world. He is now ready to explore the world. Here are some changes you can feel when your baby enters his 5th month.


Here we are talking about 5-MONTH-OLD baby’s development:


If you have already given your baby solid food in the 4th month, so now your baby is familiar with the taste of solid food. But the doctor recommends that you should give your baby solid food at the 6th month. If your baby rejecting the solid food, do not force the baby to intake the food. Try another day. Now your baby’s stomach is stronger. In every sitting of feed, now he can take more milk. But his number of feeds sitting becomes less, but the quantity in every feed becomes more, as now baby has a large stomach. Some babies are content to formula or breastfeed.

They show no interest in solid food. But some babies become so curious when they see their parents eating solid food, and they become curious about food, and they want to know about solid food. Babies must know the art of taking solid food to the back of their mouth so that it could be easily ingested. There is a sign that shows if the baby is interested in taking solid food or not. The first sign is, is she interested?

In this age baby often check your food, pick some piece of food from your plate. They are curious to know everything around them. Always choose the food which is easily digestible for the baby’s stomach. Start giving him solid food with cereals barley mixed with formula. You can also give your baby mashed banana, sweet potato, and juice. Note your baby’s reaction to all of the food mentioned above. If she is pushing food out of her tongue, that means she is not ready for solid food. Don’t worry. Try some other day.



At this stage, the baby’s taste buds develop more efficiently. Now she wants to put everything in her mouth and want to taste everything around him. She even tastes her toys. So, it’s a good time to wash the baby’s toys and keep in mind the toys must be neat and clean. At this stage, she is now able to react to salty taste. The baby’s sense of taste is good at the time of birth. But it develops every month. Baby can differentiate between sweet and bitter things also. Put a lemon to your baby tongue and note her adorable reaction. You will love it. The sense of smell and taste has a link. Baby tastes the things and also can smell it.



At this stage, the baby’s vision has become clearer and more focused. Now he can focus on objects which are placed at a distance. He can now also follow the moving objects. Now he can distinguish between colors. The baby’s sight is much better now than before. She is now more focused and concentrates on objects around her as now the baby is aware of her environment. Her hand and eye coordination are also improving.

You can help your babies improve vision by reading books with her with a large object and more different colors that can attract the baby. Stimulate your baby’s sight by taking him to the market or the park or visit some neighbor. You can also take your baby to the zoo. Allow her to develop his sight sense. Now she can differ between large and small objects and light, and dark colors, Non-moving and moving objects also. It is believed that babies have a very good color vision when they reach 5th month.



Babies’ hearing sense is already developed from the time of birth. But when he reaches his fifth month, he now starts to recognize the tone of your voice. If your tone is soft, it will soothe the baby or baby will stop crying, but if your voice is harsh, he or she will surely understand that something is wrong, they may start weeping.



By 5th month, he can now differ between day and night. He is on the way to develop a habit of sleeping at night. From now, you can also enjoy your sleep. Your baby is now becoming more manageable for you. He now has his routine, which gives you time for yourself also. At the age of five months, the baby can sleep for 10 to 11 hours continuously. And the baby will sleep five to six-hour during day time. He now may take three to four naps a day.

But many babies wake up about 1 to 3 three times in a night for feeding purposes. No doubt, all babies vary each other and have a different schedule. Your baby also gives you a signal, which means she is ready to sleep. So, you should recognize her sleep signal when she is sleepy when she is tired; you should know about her sleepy signals. She may yawn, rub her eyes, her nose, or her ears. Or maybe she stares at some point, and maybe she is calmly lying on the cot. Put your baby to sleep before she starts crying. Change your baby’s diaper before sleeping so he will have a comfortable sleep. Keep the light of the room dim while the baby is sleeping.


Baby’s Motor Skills:

By the fifth month, the baby’s muscles become stronger. Now he can stay on his own for a long time. Some babies sit upright at the age of five, but others still need some support like cushions around them to sit. They can now coordinate with their eye and hand perfectly. Their hand and eye coordination are improved so much now. Your baby makes more voices now. You also notice that they start repeating the sounds and enjoy their abilities. You can also notice that if you make funny faces in front of your baby, in response, he will laugh and also try to laugh back. Encourage him whatever he is trying to do.

Never scold him. Your baby will start rolling over. He will now roll on his tummy to back and back to his tummy. When this happens, never leave your baby alone on the bed. He will now kick his leg and move his arms. Now your baby’s grasp is stronger. Now he can pull objects towards him and tries to grasp them in his little palm. He may be able to hold a cup himself.


Mother’s Role in Development

You can help your baby sit upright with the help of cushions. Be sure to never leave your baby alone whenever he is sitting on his own. Keep a toy in front of him, and he will try to grasp the toy. Keep a toy in the baby’s one hand and another on the other hand, and you will notice he will try to shift the toys. Shake your baby very gently from right to down and rocking them side to side; it will teach him about movements. It’s too early for the babies to stand up on their feet. But you should practice it by keeping your baby on his legs. Hold your baby from his armpit, and you will see how smoothly he will move his legs.

During his tummy time, place a toy a little bit far from him, and you will notice he will try to reach a toy. If the toy is far away, put it close so it will encourage him. And they don’t give up easily. You also note that they will shriek with their laughter and make roly-poly sounds. Baby love to listen to music so now you can play all type of music but be sure never put woofer so close to baby’s ears as his eardrum is still so delicate.

Give your baby colorful toys to play with and now tell him the names of toys. Tell him this is a block; this is a rattle; it’s a car; it’s a plane etc. It’s all his learning process. Make your house a baby proof house now. Make sure the baby’s room must be as secure as there is no object that will harm the baby.

Speak with your baby as often as you can. He may not be able to understand what you are saying, but his mind will be engaged with it. He will pick up some words like his name. So, make daily conversation with your baby. Tummy time is very important. Do it regularly. During tummy time, keep all his favorite toys around him, and he will try to grasp them.

This is a good exercise, and it will boost up his muscles. Make your baby sit on your lap and read with him bright and colorful stories. Seeing different shades of color will stimulate the baby’s brain and eye. Show him bright toys; it will stimulate his eyes also. If your baby does not like to be with strangers, it does not mean you cut him off from people, develop a habit in your baby by introducing him to new faces. It will improve his social skills also.

Do not sleep with your baby if you are taking drugs or alcohol. And also, do not cover their head while sleeping. Just cover the shoulders with the blanket. It can cause suffocation. Try to maintain her room temperature at 16 to 20 degrees Centigrade. Do not be violent in front of your baby. Never shake the baby so badly; he is still so soft. The environment of your home should leave a good impression on the baby. Try to be nice and happy in front of the baby. Tell him your daily routine tell him how much you love to kiss him and hug him. It will soothe your baby so much.


Game of the Month:

Play peek-a-boo with your little angel. Keep a toy beneath your blanket and then remove off the blanket for a big surprise. It is a very awesome way for your infant to learn how things which leave can come back with magic. It will be great fun for your baby. And when the baby founds the toy again, he will laugh so much for sure. Try to play hide and seek like this that you put some cloth on your face and suddenly remove it with some sound, and your baby loves it.


Cognitive Development

Your baby is now more keenly observe the things around him as they are captivating him. He is now giggling while watching his image in the mirror. He is now more alert and shows his interest in the surroundings. At this age of life, getting distracting your baby is very easy. If he sees an object with very keen interest, drop another toy in front of him, and he will lose all his interest in the old one toy and begin to take an interest in the new toy.

So, getting distracted by your baby at this stage is very easy. At this stage, the baby can differ in colors. He can differ between bright colors and light colors. This is an indication of his improving vision sense and mind coordination. At the age of five, babies are on track to learn the language. He now has his vocabulary. He is starting to speak different words like Maa Daa Baa etc. you baby coos a lot this month. Now his vocal cord is improved, and his brain coordinates with his tongue. He makes noise when he wants to talk. He can now amuse himself by playing with his hands and feet. He now recognizes his name and can turn his head towards the sound source.


Physical Development:

These are all about the baby’s physical growth. Now he has a better grip before, so things now never slip from his hands. As he now holds things very firmly. Now your baby stretches himself towards objects and tries to reach there. Now he can hold his bottle himself. He would love to play with his fingers now. He uses his hands to catch anything. Now baby will raise his chest while lying on his tummy; this action will help him in crawling. Now his neck is no wobblier. He now has full control over his neck muscles.

Try to put the baby in a sitting position, he will learn in soon. He is learning rollover also. Now he has improved his sense of taste. He put everything in his mouth, even his toys, so be sure toys with sharps ended must not be near the baby. Now he has a better sense of hearing as he is now able to turn his head towards your voice. Say something loudly, and your baby will turn his head toward the source. At the age of five months, baby sleep is getting longer at night.


Emotional and Social Milestones:

Now baby makes a bond with his surroundings also. He is familiar now with your face, and as well other family member faces. Whenever he sees a familiar face, he shows affection and throws a smile towards him. This is a sign that he has developed a love bond with his familiar ones. He is also moving his hands towards familiar faces to welcome them. On the other hand, when you left your baby in the company of people, he does not know he shows anxiety, or maybe he will start crying. If you hold your baby to a stranger’s face, be ready for your baby angry tantrum.

This shows a lack of trust and confidence towards unknown people. At this age, now, your baby is more playful. He would love to play with toys or people, especially with his parents. Now he can give you a lot of emotion. Smile is an emotion also. But with a smile, he is now giving you displeasure fatigue emotions also. Give your baby unconditional love. Her siblings should also play a very important role in his development. Now he would love to play with his siblings also. Your face gives him comfort. Your touches will soothe him so much. You can give your baby a massage. Use vegetable oil or baby oil for massage.


Encouraging for Rollover

Put your infant on the floor when she is on her tummy time. It keeps your baby calm because she uses her neck muscles to keep an upright head position. You can jiggle her most favorite toy, and you watch she will try to reach it. Use those toys that your baby likes the most. You can lie close to her so that she can roll over on you.

If she is achieving you or the toy, appreciates him and give him a smile and love and kiss. Keep encouraging him to roll on her both sides. It will strengthen her muscles. If your baby is rolling over in the sleep, do not worry; it means your baby is strong enough to hold up her head in the sleep also. Just put some cushions around your baby, so rolling over will not harm your baby. If you notice she is upset during rolling over, let her soothe. Make him comfortable.


What a Baby Can Do:

Now your baby can differ between bold and light colors. Now she can raise her chest with the support of her arms. Now she can roll over again and again. No, she can amuse herself by playing with her own feet and hands. She put her hands on her mouth also. She can smile spontaneously. She can now reach for an object and squeal in a delight also. She can now turn his head towards the source. She is now able to recognize her own name. When you call her name, she will look at you.
She will be able to sit momentarily without any kind of support. She will object if you take away any of her toys. She will look for a dropped toy, drop a toy, and she will definitely look at it.


When to Worry:

When you notice that he is not giving you any response on your voice, it’s a time to worry, as five months old baby is very responsive to the voices. It could be an indicator of hearing problems, so consult with your baby doctor. At the stage, the baby has a good grip on his hands. But if you see that your baby is failing to grip the objects consult with your baby doctor. It could be an indicator of a muscular problem.

If your baby has a stiff body with the awkward movement, then it is also an alarming situation doing not be late consults with your baby doctor. If a baby shows no excitement and emotions towards stranger’s faces, then it is okay, but if the baby shows no love affection towards her parents, then there may be a problem. It could be a sign of a developmental backlog. So, you should consult with your doctor.


Baby’s Weight at 5th Month

At the age of five, baby boy weight is between 6.1 to 9.2 kg. His height is about 61.9 to 69.9 cm, and his head circumference is 40.3 to 44.8 cm. And in the case of a baby girl, the weight is between 5.5 to 8.7 kg, and her height is about 59.9 to 68.2 cm. Her head circumference is about 39.0 to 43.0. This may vary from child to child as every child is individual. Some born healthy, some born weak. So, they grow according to their pace give them time. Don’t be so worry if your baby is not fulfilling the measurement as every baby is unique in his own way. Love your kids as they need parents’ love and attention so much.