At the age of 3 months, your baby is growing fast and becoming bigger. At this age, baby starts doing all things around her and starts her day according to schedule. So, you easily now find time for yourself. Here are some details about three month’s old baby.

Here we are talking about 3-MONTH-OLD baby’s development:

Sleeping Pattern:

At the age of three months, baby total sleep is about 15 to 16 hours including night time and day time. Don’t try to impose a rigid sleeping schedule on your 3 months of baby. Let him sleep according to his mood. Your baby has been making a lot of development and growth till now.

Now you find him different. He may behave differently. At this age, you may notice your baby sleep at night becomes long now and has more time to wake up at day time. It is a good sign. But if it’s not happening don’t worry as every baby is unique in its own way. You can give your baby sleep training but don’t try to impose your schedule on him.

Just observe if he is comfortable with this training or not, if not then leave it. You can start again after some time. If your baby is not sleeping at night don’t worry. At the age of six months, he definitely set a pattern of sleeping. Developing a bedtime routine with your baby, getting him bath change his clothes you can also read a story in front of him and give him a goodnight kiss also.


Feeding Pattern:

At the age of three, your baby’s stomach capacity is also increased, as he is growing fast. So your baby wants more feed now. You may also note that your baby day time feeding will increase and night time feeding will be decreased. Often mothers start giving solid food to babies which is not good. Your baby is too young for solid food.

At least at the age of 6 months, others should give only breastfeed or formula to baby. Because baby stomach is not so compatible to digest heavy and solid food. This is a period of rapid growth and your baby wants to feed more. You may notice he is starting to wetting and soiling the diapers more. Breastfed baby get vitamin D supplements but juices water etc is not necessary at this age.

Babies digest formula very slowly as compare to breastfeed so your baby may have a fewer feed as compared to the breastfed. You also note that your baby starts to sleep longer at night. It is easy for a baby to drink from a bottle as compared to breastfeeding. Make sure the hole on the nipple of the bottle should b of the right size.


Spitting Up:

Many babies spit up a little amount of feed after feeding or burping. This will be going to be less after the passage of time and maybe totally finish at the age of 10 months. You may stop the spitting up by feeding your baby before he gets so hungry. Keep your infant in an upright position during feeding. Burping your baby regularly. And also avoid overfeeding. Do not shake or play with your baby right after feeding. If your baby spitting up in a very large amount call your doctor.


Hearing Sense:

At this age, baby hears you very clearly. His sense of hearing already fully developed when he was born. At this age, baby understood your tone of voice. If you talk to him in a soft voice it will soothe him and he will stop crying. But if you yell at him he also understood this tone too and starts crying. At this stage of life, baby starts to speak some words like coo goo gaga, etc. daily conversation to your baby will enhance his power of understanding words and also boost up his speaking power. When you talking to your baby give him such response that you understand what he is trying to say it will become baby more confident and will learn quickly.


Motor Skills:

With the passage of time, your baby neck muscles become stronger. It is because of daily tummy time. When your baby spends some time on their tummy on a daily basis it will increase the strength of his neck muscles and he can easily hold up his neck now. You can start with five minutes and exceed it up to 15 minutes daily. For motor skills muscles should be strong. If a baby is not strong then he cannot coordinate with his motor skills.

He could not able to coordinate with his body too. If your baby doesn’t like this practice minimize the time to three minutes instead of five minutes. In starting days you note that baby cannot hold up his head but with the passage of time you can note that now he can hold up his head and coordinate with his body too.

At this age, your baby is ready to say hello to the others. He especially attracts by babies if his age. When someone first throws a smile at them they also give a smile in response now. He would like to become friends now. At the age of three, your baby is now fully ready to coordinate his body. Now he can move his arms his legs his head very freely. They are able now to kick very hard. You can also use some toys to coordinate their eye and hand movements.


3-MONTH-OLD Baby Vaccination:

Vaccination is very important for the life of baby. As baby immune system is weak. He is not able to fight with disease so vaccination becomes very important for the life of baby. It gives him protection from diseases. There are some vaccination that is given at the age of three
Rotavirus – A high infectious virus which can cause gastroenteritis in your infant
DTaP/IPV/Hib – give protection against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio & homophiles influenza
Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) – This gives protects against pneumococcal infections including pneumonia, meningitis, and bronchitis.
Always talk to your doctor before taking any vaccination. Without a doctor’s recommendation does not take any vaccination for your baby. Some are exceptional cases in which baby react to vaccination. After vaccination they caught fever cold continuous crying etc. sometimes it is normal but it exceeds then visits your baby doctor.


How Can Mother Help Baby in His Development:

Mother plays a very important role in the development of his baby. She is the master and the baby is the student. Baby quickly picks all things that mother teaches him. Wrist shaking is a good way to make strong coordination between hand and eye contact. In this way, baby learn how to control his hand and eye movement. Read with your baby.

Showing him a simple colorful book. He is not able to understand but it will enhance his thinking capability. When you read story in front of your baby he will listen to you very interestingly. His ear muscles also get strengthened; he will turn his head towards your voice. You can also try to put some color full toy to your baby hand he will hold it for a few seconds. Keep practice and you see that now your baby holds objects for a long time. Give your baby a toy with voice and see their reaction.


Game of the Month:

Try shaking a small toy to a ribbon and swaying it calmly in front of your baby. They will be able to trace it with their eyes and also they may try to take a smack at it.


Touch Sense:

At the age of three, you can see that your child is starting to evolve the sense of the objects around him and develop a new sense of touch. It’s possible to help your child‘s improvement using different toys and objects that your infant can play with and touch to different things. It is also important that you should make lots of skin contact with your baby. It will enhance the bonding between you and your baby and also give your baby a lot of comforts when he is upset or irritable. You can give your baby lot of touch by giving him a massage. Give your baby a daily body massage. Rubbing his back with a light hand will give him comfort and soothe.



Your baby can now move her arms legs and hand. Her knees and hip joint have become more flexible now. Now he can kick stronger. Now your baby can open and close her hands and also move her fingers. Her muscles become stronger now. He can lift up her head now. Now he is trying to hold things for a long time. He gives you a bundle of smiles now.



In the third month, now baby won’t be communicating with crying. Instead of crying, he will now be making voice of coo and vowel words like i-a-o-u- etc. He will now only cry when he feels some pain or irritability. Talk to him and you will be surprised to see he will talk you back. Ha-ha, it’s a good feeling for a mother for sure. Spend some time with him by singing and reciting poems, he will keenly hear them and for sure enjoying them.

Read a book story with your baby. He is now able to understand story but it will enhance his communication skills for sure. When you change his diaper tell him that I m going to change your diaper. When it’s time to feed tell him now it’s time to feed. And when it’s sleeping time tell him now you are going to sleep. This all activities will enhance his communication skills.


Signs That Show Development Problem:

All babies are different and grow differently. Their rate of growth is totally different. If you note that your baby does not vocalize or does not startle to loud noise, and does not give a look to the source of voice with his eyes, contact with your baby doctor for sure. Not every time it will be a serious issue as we already mentioned it that every child is different and develop his own way his own strength. Some baby born healthy and some weak. So, their potential is also different so not to worry about it. If there is no medical issue, your baby doctor clears it then just be patient and wait. He will surely give you all signs of developments.


Avoid Solid Food:

At this age only mother feed or formula is enough for baby. As his stomach is not so strong to digest solid food so just avoid giving solid food to your baby at this stage of life. Give him your breastfeed or formula. That is enough for the baby. You might be often hearing from your friends or other family members that giving your baby solid food will help him to long-lasting sleep at night. But you need to wait one more month for sure. It is not right time to give baby solid food. The AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDITRICS also does not recommend anything except mother feed or formula to the baby at the age of three months. So, you should also avoid solid food only give your milk or formula to the baby.


Vitamin D:

With the breastfeed or formula, baby needs vitamin D in addition which is an important supplement for the baby. As a baby is now too small for solid food, and you cannot give him solid food so the best way to give him vitamin D is sun rays. As you know the sun is the best source of vitamin D so morning sun rays are the best source for vitamin D for baby. But you should keep in mind that only morning sun rays are good for baby. After two months you should start giving him juices with the consult of your baby doctor.


Behavior With Unknown:

At this age of three-month baby is very familiar to you and your voice and your touch also with the other siblings and other family members. But in the gathering of unknown people, he may feel uncomfortable and take time to adjust with them. In gathering do not leave your baby alone. Keep him in your arms. In your arms, he will feel safe and he will be ready to interact with strangers also.


ReflexesofThree-Month-Old Baby:

Your three-month-old baby shows different reflexes from the last month. Your baby made an awesome transformation from newborn to an active human being. She will now change many of her newborn reflexes. Now she will lift up her head and chest also when she is on her stomach. She will also hold her upper body with arms when she is on her stomach. She will also kick her legs and moves her arms while lying on a tummy.

She will also take her hands to the mouth. Try to hold the toys. You will also notice that she sees faces keenly. And also follow the moving objects. She will also able to recognize the native things and people at distance. She will use hands and eyes in coordination. Give you a smile. And also she will start babbling. He will now turn her head to the voice source. She will begin to mock some sounds also. She will now evolve a social smile now. She likes to play with you and as well others also. Make different facial expressions now.


Things Mother Need to Know This Week:

Ear infection is common in babies. If you notice your baby with running nose and you also notice she is pulling her ear talk to your baby doctor. Mostly ear infection resolve on their own but if situation exceeds from four days then the doctor may give you some prescription for your baby. Handle your baby ear with care. Do not try to enter any sharp object to your baby ear. If any of you in the house is smoker ask them to smoke outside the house as passive smoking for the baby is very dangerous for her little lungs. So avoid smoking in baby room.


Safety Tips:

Never leave your baby alone in the room or also in the bathtub as he is now become more active and can do roll over so there is a chance of baby roll down to the floor. Always keep hand around to the baby whenever you put your baby in a high place. The bathtub you use for your baby must be clean and it should be soft so baby feels comfort during his bath time. If you have a diaper pail you should be kept it covers. Although your baby is able to listen to voice but avoid creating noise or loud voice in front of your baby.


Head Shape:

Sometimes baby head becomes d shape while passing from birth canal. But other cases head shape changes according to pressure when baby lying on their back. You can notice two soft areas on the baby head which are still to grow. These called fontanels. Infant’s head is malleable so the head becomes uneven when baby passes more time in the same position. While sleeping you should change baby position of head.


Baby Weight at the Age of Three Months:

At the age of three months, baby boy’s weight is13 to 15 pounds and baby girl weight is 11 to 14 pounds. Baby boy length maybe 23 to 24.7 inches and baby girl length maybe 23 to 24.1 inches. Keep in mind your baby is individual. All babies are born with different sizes and weights. So do not worry if your baby is not fit in this.



Naps are also important for a baby. At the age of three months, four to five naps are enough that may contain three to four hours. Awake time between each nap is about one to two hours.


Cause of Unexplained Crying Could Be:

A baby may cry because of a new illness. As he becomes fussy or irritable. The reason for baby crying include may be sore throat, earache, mouth ulcers or diaper rashes. Constipation may also cause pain or crying. Mostly crying means the child is sick about something. Crying can cause when a young baby is disconnected from his mommy daddy.

Other reasons for crying with dander when a baby is tired because of daily activities. It may be due to sleep problems if a baby could not able to sleep properly he will be fussy all day, so a better sleep is necessary for a baby healthy day. Some babies cry when they want something like feed. At the age of three mothers is familiar with the routine of his baby needs. She better knows when his baby wants food and sleeps etc. if mommy unable to understand the need of baby, baby will cry. Hunger is a factor of cry. So, if baby feels hunger he will definitely cry.


Washing and Bathing:

There is no need to bathing your baby on a daily basis. If your baby enjoying bathe then it is okay. Bathing is a good activity. It is a good time for spending with your baby bathing with a baby that is very joyful. Father should also take bath with baby so bonding between father and baby could be developed more and more and mother may get some time away from the baby or she can take some rest.

Always use mild soap shampoo for the baby’s skin. Use neat and clean cotton for cleaning baby. A baby can be kept quite neat and clean by using cotton wools, tissues, baby wipes. Always supervise them in the bath. You should be within arm’s reach of the child at all times. Never leave a younger child for the supervision of your baby in the bathtub. If you have to pick up a phone call take your baby with you never leave him alone in the bath. After using the bath empties it.