2 month old baby development

Your 2-month-old baby is just the most adorable and cutest little being on the earth. Now your baby is going to enter a new month with new changes that make you happier. Now they give you more response as compared to one month. Here we are now talking about the activities the needs and much more about two-month-old babies. Let’s have a look.

Here we are talking about 2-MONTH-OLD baby’s development:


No hard and fast rule exists to measures the quantity that how much feed baby needs. As they have small tummies so they need milk frequently. When baby starts to suck his/her hands or finger or snacking his/her lips you just get it it’s time to feed. Breastfeed is best for babies at least for 1 year. Breast milk has all the nutrition that babies may need for growth.

It will also enhance love between mother and infant. When your baby gives you a sign of hunger make sure you have to give him a full quantity of feed. At the age of 2nd month, baby needs to feed at least 6 to 8 times a day that is sufficient. At this age, the baby does not digest formula milk easily but they easily digest breastfeed. If baby starts crying even after finishing his feed, add a little amount of feed again.

It shows his hunger is increased, and his rapid growth signs. During the second month, infants may take about 4 or 5 ounces at each feeding. By the end of 3 months, your baby will probably need an additional ounce at each feeding. The mother should feed baby before she feels so hungry. Keep your baby on an upright position when you feed him and even after a feed for some time. Burping your baby regularly will help him to digest his food. Mother should avoid overfeeding. Mother should not play with a baby right after a feed; it may cause spitting up of feed.



Your two-month baby’s sleep is the period of conversion. It is also unpredictable in one month. At the age of two months, you will see that your baby becoming more and more alert. They can sleep two to four hours at a time. From 2 months of age, they sleep generally 15.5-17 hours, about 8.5-10 hours at night and 6 to 7 hours during the day. Your 2-month-old baby’s sleep may be uncertain and a little bit short. You may also note that it is difficult to get your baby to fall asleep because now baby is excited and attentive to what is going on around him/her.

Mother should focus on the first and second sleep of baby. There is no schedule for baby sleep. At this age, baby loves to feed and sleep. So whenever a baby feels drowsy he/she is ready for a nap. There is no consistency and schedule in their feeding and sleeping patterns at all. So don’t you worry about it. As baby is so innocent he/she has no idea about the difference of night and day.

This stage may be very difficult for parents as they have to wake up with their baby at night even when it’s time for their nap. But don’t you worry about the passage of time baby will learn about it and make a schedule for a nap. At this stage do not make any routine for your children because at this age baby love to sleep, feed and play, so eat play and sleep is a very great routine.



At the age of two babies become more active and alert. Now he/she wants to know about the world about his surroundings about his parents. Baby becomes more curious and more responsive. They also become stronger and their muscle movements also become strong. Mother should encourage their baby in their learning process. Let’s cuddle with his love in infinite.

Make feel him special touch him unlimited. Play with your little angel. Listen to him very carefully. Let your baby introduce to some colorful toys and beautiful objects that have an attraction for baby. Play some soft music also. If toy play sounds that’s good take benefit of it. It will improve your baby hearing sense. Take baby soft and little hands in your hands and teach him how to clap. Clap in front of him and smile he will surely copy your gestures. Make funny faces it will also a joyful thing for your baby.



Let your baby consume time on his/her stomach under your supervision. It will help to strengthen his/her backbone and neck muscles and ready her for understanding to crawl. Keep him/her on his/her tummy on a clean and neat floor. Stay him/her on his/her arms, and make sure there is nothing on his/her face like a blanket or some toys. Now you will notice how he/she starts to lift up his/her head side to side. Start this tummy session with three to six minutes and gradually enhance the time. Be sure about a baby is not sleeping and someone or you must watch her while this tummy session.



At this stage, your baby may evolve a social smile, that is a big turning point for all parents. Stay him on your lap, trying talk to him, and smile at him and laugh at him. He will be enjoyed and retain simply by your beautiful voice and trying to communicate with you. So whenever you look at your baby pretty face just through a smile to him. He would love it surely.



It is a perfect time to make a habit of reading with your little one. Although he is not able to understand a single word from your story it is a good way to enhance his capabilities. Baby loves hearing their parent’s voices it is also a good way to get him sleepy and take to him his dreamland. It will promotes baby listening skills and also increase language developments and also promote love between you and your baby.



Crying is part of baby life. Actually crying is a way of a baby to communicate or to tell the mother that something is wrong with him or he is not feeling well or maybe he is hungry etc. so do not get worried when your baby crying just be patient. And learn how to deal with it. It is also painful for parents to see her baby crying. When baby crying, put him on your arms that give him little swings.

Danced him make him cuddle. Give him little jumps. Baby liked to be rocked so shake rock your baby but little. He will definitely stop crying. If baby is still crying be calm don’t show aggressiveness it will not good for baby. If you feel you are going to lose temper just put the bay down take a deep breath and start again. Maybe he is hungry so try to feed him. Tap his back with slow hand maybe he wants to sleep. During baby cry, don’t lose your temper.



Baby loves massage. Daily massage your baby after and before bath. It will make baby bones strong. There are some points that keep in mind during the baby massage.

  1. The room must be warm where baby going to have a massage.
  2. Put your baby on such a place where there are no chances of falling as baby love to roll and roll. Usually, people use a pillow for this purpose
  3. Unclothe your baby t-shirt and diaper also.
  4. It’s not compulsory to use oil, but if you choose oil be sure oil is odorless. Almond oil or vegetable oil is best for this purpose. Gently massage on your baby body as baby skin is very soft and sensitive so put your hand in very slow motion. When a baby is fully dipped in oil be careful as he became very slippery so be careful while handling him.
  5. Start with his feet and legs, slowly move your hands upward your baby’s chest and arms.
    Keep doing massage until your baby gives you some signs of stopping.



At the starting of the second month, Baby is making a stamp with language. He is carefully listening to what you are saying to him. Seeing your mouth and observe how your tongue moves. Baby will start making diverse sounds that start with a vowel. He will hear and do practice moving his tongue to repeat sounds Talk to him and let him repeat the words you say before. Let your baby answer you. Make eye contact with him during talk it will boost up his confidence. Give him little good gestures.



This month is as same as the first month. As earlier, we describe baby hearing power is fully developed when he entered in world. Your baby can differentiate between different voices. He would love to listen music. He also recognizes now his siblings or other members of home voices now. He makes different faces at different voices. If you have any doubts about your baby hearing does not hesitate and consult with your doctor. Regularly talking to your baby and singing in front of your baby makes him the best listener and also improve his hearing power. Now he is able to differentiate between different voices.



For the first two months of life, baby eyes are not so good to harmonize. This is totally normal. Slowly he begins to focus the objects that are far from him. At this stage, baby is still not able to differentiate between colors. He recognizes his mother his father’s face and also other members of a family. Your baby can see color from his birth, but she cannot differentiate between similar tones like orange-red & green-parrot, etc. So because of this, she gives preference to the black and white patterns. She starts tracking or following moving objects. She nods her head towards the moving objects. Let experience your baby out from the house, it will be a treat for her seeing the world outside.



Try playing many types of music and watch your baby kick their legs and listen with extreme attention. If u play a soft sound it will lead them to sleep also this is the best way to get them sleepy when you have to do some house course. Show him different toys that make a sound. Show him colorful objects also. It will be fun for him.



So the second month starts now you can feel many changes in your baby since his birth. Some are given below.

  • They still love to sleep. At this age, babies sleep 15-16 hours a day.
  • Your baby can hold up and move his heat now.
  • Many of the reflexes are still around, such as the sucking reflex. Sucking is also one of the best ways your baby can comfort themselves.
  • You may notice that your baby tries to blow things that you put in front of them.
  • Their seeing ability is still under polishing and they can see things up to 18 inches away.
  • They start to chase objects with their eyes.
  • Your baby love your voice so keep singing and talking in front of him he would love your voice so keep talking and singing.
  • Their crying might add more groans, bubbling or murmur
  • They can move their head towards sounds soft sound or loud sound.
  • You may be very lucky if you get a chance to see your baby smile.



Baby just loves his mother touch in fact human touch play a very important role in the growth of a baby. It increases love between mother and infant. Baby feels so secure when his mother touches him, in the womb, he already feels the warmth of his mother so out of the womb he needs his mother touch which makes him feel protective and in love with his mother. You can touch your baby make skin to skin contact cuddle with his play with him massaging your baby rocking your baby all are ways of touch a good touch. It will help in increasing psychological and physical development. It will also play a role as pain relief. Babies who don’t receive human touch can be ill or face many development problems.



Always remember that your baby is unique in his own way. All babies are different their picking power their milestones are different. So do not worry if your baby is not doing according to all these. He will take his time and definitely done all things that a baby does. But do not bother if your baby does not give you a smile if your baby is not giving you a response do not worry about it all. Some babies are strong they earlier getting things easily but some babies are slow in picking milestones. So give them time they will surely give a response to you.



Vaccination is very important for the baby as it keeps baby safe from many diseases. You should consult with your doctor before getting any vaccination for your baby. Usually, second-month vaccinations are DTaP, Diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis vaccine, it protects against tetanus whooping cough diphtheria
Hib: Homophiles influenza type vaccine
IPV: Inactivated poliovirus vaccine, it protects against polio
PCV: Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine. It protects against pneumococcal disease.
RV: Rotavirus vaccine. It protects against rotavirus.



Although your baby can not speak his body is talking to you clearly. Through her body language, she tells you everything what she feels, what she likes, what she dislikes. Mother should understand baby body language. So the mother easily understands what her baby wants to do right now.



At this age, a baby now has his own mood swings. He may like or dislikes something. He prefers to some food taste and disagrees to taste some items. He may like some individual member of family or dislike some other family member. He learns to deny or accepts some things. He has his own choice now. He may make good faces when you taste him some sweet food or he may make some annoying face when you taste him some bitter taste things.



Infant develops physically from head to toe. Their neck muscles become stronger so now they can support their neck their shoulder, chest, and backbone. When their muscles become stronger they may move their arms also. At the age of two-month baby tries to hold objects in their hands. They try to grasp things and want to play with things.



At the time of baby birth, it is so difficult to recognize that how baby faces is exactly look like. Either it will be like papa or either papa but at the time of birth, it is so difficult to decide that baby resembles anybody. But at the age of two months. Babyface cuts become more prominent. At the time of birth, the babyface is full of swallowing. But slowly it becomes normal and at the age of two-month baby, face cuts become more prominent. Then you can easily decide whom your baby looks like either like papa or momma. The eye color also changes at the age of two it becomes more prominent.



Never ever leave your baby alone not in the room or even in the bathtub. Always someone in the family should remain with the baby. At this stage, baby starts to move his body so maybe he rolls over and gets hurt. So never leave your baby alone. Never give your baby a toy with sharp edges he may get hurt. Do not give your baby a very small toy that he may take it to his mouth.

Always choose that toy that is made for your baby’s age. Never shake your baby too hard it can cause serious injuries. Do not drink hot liquid when you are holding your baby. Always place your baby on his back when he is going to sleep. Do not leave your baby alone in a high place. Do not allow anyone to smoke in your room it is very dangerous for your baby health. It can damage the baby’s lungs. Go outside the house for smoking purposes.



If you note that your baby does not give a response to your voice or any loud voice you should consult your doctor. If your baby does not see the things when the move. If he does not give a smile while looking at people. If he does not take his hands to the mouth. And if he does not hold his head while on his tummy. These situations are alarming. You should consult your baby doctor.



Remember still your baby skin is so sensitive so do not use any product that contains chemicals. Always use mild soap shampoo for your baby. And do not use any scent near baby, as they get irritated. Always use such shampoo which is mild and does not contain any chemical. Frequent use of shampoo may damage the baby scalps. So use shampoo when it is needed not regularly. Do not use powder when it inhaled it can cause irritation for baby.



Trim your baby nails, as you have no idea how frequently they grow. Baby can scratch his own face with his nails. You need to cut them once in a week regularly as they grow so fast. Trim your baby nail when he is sleeping or feeding. They are the best times when you can easily cut your baby nails. Avoid over trimming it can hurt your baby. If accidentally you nip your baby skin do not worry just take a clean piece of cotton put it on the skin and keep a little pressure. Bleeding will stop. Don’t try to bite your baby nails. As your mouth germs with transfer to the baby nails and baby will put his fingers to his mouth. This is totally ridiculous so don’t do this.



Hiccups are very irritating even for adults. It also affects the little baby too. But it does not leave any effect on baby health. So don’t worry just give the time it will recover its own.



Your baby digestive system is growing rapidly. It can make him very fussy but it’s okay. This is a normal part of your baby development. If baby becomes fussy it does not mean there is some issue in feeding pastern. There may be some other reasons. Extra light loud noise and too much new experience may upset your baby as he is not yet habitual all of it.

Give him some private environment cuddle him. He will be relaxed. When baby does not get adequate sleep they become so fussy and irritated. Take care of their sleeping patterns. Due to diaper rashes, baby feels uncomfortable. You should change a baby diaper on time, do not exceed the time as it may cause rashes and your baby to become fussy. Every baby has a gas problem but it is natural to give him a tummy massage he will be feel batter. Moving your baby legs in a bicycle motion it will also give relief to your baby.


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