World War 1 Facts

World War 1 Location, Beginning, War Alliance and Results

World War:

The war on a very large scale in which the whole world is affected directly or indirectly. This is the war between empires, continents & countries. There are two World Wars in History.

  • World War I
  • World War II


World War I

WWI is the darkest glimpse of the past. It is also called The Great War. This is the biggest war in history. World War I proceeded from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. In this war, militants used more than 70 million troops, including 60 million Europeans that makes it the biggest & deadliest war of all time. The estimated number of deaths in this conflict includes 9 million soldiers & 7 million ordinary citizens.


Opening Rivalry:

The main cause or the most significant reason for world war I am the Assassination of Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The other reason for war was mutual defense alliances, imperialism & militarism.


Beginning of War:

Austria-Hungary gets into conflict with Serbia. There is an agreement of defense between Serbia & Russia due to which Russia entered in this conflict to defend Serbia. There is also an agreement between Austria-Hungary & Germany due to which Germany get into the war against Russia. Russia & France made an alliance against Germany. Germany attacked France through Belgium getting Britain involved in this conflict. Japan joined Allied power in this war. Later, the United States & Italy also get involved in this war from Allied powers.


Location of War:

The War starts from Europe & then expanded to Africa, Middle East, Pacific Island, China, Indian Ocean, North & South Atlantic Ocean.


War Alliance:

There were 3 main alliances in the war

  1. Allied Power
  2. Central Power/Quadruple Alliance
  3. Neutral Nations

Allied Power:

Allied power is the biggest alliance in the war. This alliance includes France, British Empire, Russia, Japan, Italy & the United States.


Sub Alliance or Allied Power:

Sub alliance of allied power includes Serbia, Belgium, Romania, Portugal, Hijaz, China, Greece, Siam, Armenia, Brazil, Asir & Nejd, and Hasa.


Central Power/Quadruple Alliance:

Central power includes the German Empire, Austria-Hungary Empire, Ottoman Empire & Bulgaria. Quadruple Alliance consists of the most powerful countries of that time.


Neutral Nations:

The neutral nation only includes Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway & Sweden.



Allied Power:

The total number of deaths in allied power lies b/w 9,235,553 – 10,080,391 which is equal to 1.05% – 1.25% of the total population of allied countries & More than 11,611,271 troops wounded in this conflict

Central Powers:

The total number of deaths in central power lies b/w 6,997,920 – 8,341,264 which is equal to 4.92% – 5.87% of the total population of countries that are in central power.

Neutral Nations:

The total number of deaths in neutral nations lies b/w 15,486,155 – 19,174,335 which is equal to 1.69% – 1.89% of the total population of neutral nations.