Top 10 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Page Reach

Increase reach of your fb page

In running several Facebook pages over the years with a combined number of likes totaling over 1 million, I have figured out some of these things on my own and have also talked with some of Facebook’s own employees about what goes on behind the scenes and here are the top 10 tips for you to get more distribution for your Facebook posts.

The number 1 reason people click to an article from your Facebook Page is because of the photo. If people aren’t reading your articles, maybe you should think about the photos you are posting with them on your Facebook feed.

List of Top 10 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Page Reach

Top ways to promote facebook page

    1. Make sure to post the variety of things on the FB page. You can post videos, text posts, articles, images, memes (an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations) and mix them on regular basis. 
    2. Set a posting schedule and stick to it every day. Whenever you post, take care there must be a 3 hours interval between the posts.
    3. Do not post at times people are sleeping, nobody will read that.
    4. Do not ask people to “like and share” in the text portion of the post. FB detects that, instead you can ask the same thing in an image or you can make a funny image of LIKE and SHARE.
    5. If you have two or more pages in the same NICHE and you share the same post on these pages, Facebook will detect that and the reach will be severely affected. If you want to post the same post on different pages of the same NICHE, give 4 hours interval. 

  1. Interact with people on the page. Reply to their comments and questions
  2. Make sure your images, memes, articles, videos are click-worthy. Are you sharing things that people like to see and generate passion?  Do not show the answer to the question in your picture; just show the question so that people should click and see the post.
  3. Give your people a passion for the things you share.
  4. Share more than 50% of the content ORIGINAL. You can copy other posts and share them too, but FB can detect that and the reach of your posts go down. So, try for at least 50% of your own stuff.
  5. On your FB feed, LESS IS MORE. Do post between  4 to 7 posts per day. Not more than that, it will severely down your reach. To make a post viral, make sure it is worth enough for people to like,  share and comment as much as possible. FB detects it as something important and shows it to maximum people. 

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