VaultletSuite 2 Go 2.2.2
Protect and control your email, passwords and important files.

VaultletSuite 2 Go uses Open Source 2048 bit RSA public key and 256 AES encryption, and is the easiest way to protect and control your spam-free email, passwords and important files wherever you and USB drive may roam.

VaultletSuite 2 Go contains the following services:

VaultletMail: Protect and secure your spam free email, along with controlling whether your messages are printed, archived, forwarded, and even how long they live before they vanish.

PasswordValet: View, edit and protect your valuable account and password information with one click.

VaultletFiler: Protect the valuable files that you store on your USB thumb drive with one click.

VaultletMail DropBox: Receive secure messages from anyone who uses the DropBox. All it takes is two clicks to send you a point-to-point encrypted email message.

SpecialDelivery BETA: Send encrypted time and view constrained content to anyone in the world.

VaultletSuite 2 Go: Your World, Secured. Anywhere.

License: Free

Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista