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Thread: 2007 Happy B'Day Sweety

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    2007 Happy B'Day Sweety

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday Sweety May God Bless you and Keep you always happy in your life journey and may you get what you want

    what is a birthday now I wonder?
    that wondrous moment in time
    when a beautiful star from yonder sky
    decides to grace earth's lovely face

    a timeless moment of divine grace
    when the beauty and wonder of God
    subtle yet awe inspirigly wondrous
    is laid open for us to admire and gaze

    So many beautiful stars in heaven
    are so many lovely flowers on earth
    beauty, charm and divine grace
    for one and all to enjoy and ponder


    so each and every birthday is precious
    sacred and to be celebrated
    for it means we are indeed blessed
    in turn to bless heaven and earth

    Happy Birthday and God bless your gentle soul.

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    hum selina
    Guest here..

    Let me Wish you many many happy return of the day...

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    i have wished her so many times....ashu sweet way to wish...but where is she...

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    Hey, welcome Selina...
    Gud 2 c ya here...

    Nd happy B/Day sweety...lots of love
    Missing u...n da rest...

    A small poem for a frend as u...

    Instead of counting candles,
    Or tallying the years,
    Contemplate your blessings,
    As your birthday nears.

    Consider special people
    Who love you, and who care,
    And others who’ve enriched your life
    Just by being there.

    Think about the memories
    Passing years can never mar,
    Experiences great and small
    That have made you who you are.

    Another year is a happy gift,
    So cut your cake, and say,
    "Instead of counting birthdays,
    I count blessings every day!"

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    but where is birthday madam....

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    Belated birthday wishes to Sweety!

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    yeh.....kon si bath huyi......!!!!!! Sweety.......,, etna intazar math karavo yar....befikhar se hum cake khane keliye tadap rahe hai....aur aap kaha kho gaye ho....?????

    aaja aayi bahar...
    dil hai bekarar...
    O..mere dilruba...
    there bin raha na jaye..........

    Hope will get a piece of cake............hmm

    Happy BirthDAy Dear.........its belated na...Sorry!

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    where is she

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    she is not here since days...

    can anybody tell me WHY???

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