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Thread: Are U Also Facing Problems....To Open The Forum...

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    Are U Also Facing Problems....To Open The Forum...

    Hey For Past Few Dayz I Have Experienced....That Sometimes The Forum main Page Take A lots Of Time To Load Resulting In That U Cannot Log Into The Forum.......

    Is Anyone Else Also Facing Same Problems.....Or Is It Only On mY Pc.....

    Plz Do Tell......And.....Any Solution For This....


    As Far As I Know This Is Due To The Fact Of The Google Ads On The Main Page......I mean Problem Is Related With That End.....Can It Be Solved...

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    No yaar
    There must be a problem in your connection

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    hmm my connection scks then... but i am facing this problem with only nidokidos....not any other site....why so.......

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    maybe..i don't know

    i had also a problem with Nidokidos only of that color
    no color was displayed on the was fully black & White..

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    in my case it tooo slow to open....not with any other site

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    wait for saagar to be online...

    OR admin to be online
    they will answer

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    me too

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    i count 5 4 3 2 1 and i get logged in.
    Iam not facing this kind of problem.

    Sunny try changing your browser and reconnect ur internet cables.

    may be this can solve ur problem.

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    I am also not facing this problem sunny

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    hmm well now it seems okay....thanks guys...

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