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Thread: The World would change if...

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    The World would change if...

    The World would change if

    Shalin would post a topic in Inspirations Category

    Coolestnapster would not reply in a post

    If Terminator would start is own topic
    And the same for knight

    If atif would post a topic except in Bollywood Masti

    If kaleem would post a topic outside Software Downloads

    If atif and kaleem would repy a post

    If admin would change his avatar

    If shalin would make an avatar in which his name is not there...

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    World Would Change If Sweety Stops Starting Intersting games

    It would stop if shalin would stop saying welcome in evey topic.

    It would Stop If Ashwini would start posting in holloywood topic..

    It would stop if shalin stops saying gr8....frequently

    It would Stop If saagar would make us all laugh and stops his strict nature

    It would stop if Napster Stops Posting....lolz

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    nice one nap
    and a true one....

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    World Would change if hemasnair....stop using wonderful..touchy words

    world would change if admin starts replying to every post...lolz

    world would change if shalin never posts a repost...lolz

    world would change if knight comes everday online as he used to when we both join in the same month

    world would change if active members cross 100

    world would change if napster stop saying repost...

    world would change if lina changes he signature

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    u r posting good stuff....

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    world would change if devil become angel..lolz

    world would change if max chages his avtar

    world would change if we come to know the name of naturalelegance

    world would change if sweety stops fighting with me...

    hmmm...let me think more

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    World would change if chugh would stop saying amazing

    World would change if shalin and coolestnapster would stop changing their avatars and signatures

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    world would change if shalin starts devoting more time tu studies then net...lolz

    world would change if atif starts replying frequently to other topics

    world would change if we stop missing the nice kool co-members...

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    world would change if the chat-box becomes again full

    World would change if the theme of Nidokidos will change

    World would change if lina comes back

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    The world would change if beng would reply or post in another category than Jokes

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