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Thread: Manage your cellar records.

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    Manage your cellar records.

    Open Cellar Home Edition
    (English) 1.1

    Manage your cellar records.

    Open Cellar is a free software for an efficient managing of your cellars.

    Simple and intuitive, Open Cellar is a visual management of your cellars.

    A wine card very complete (information, tastings evaluations, illustration, purchases, consumption, bottles places).

    The Sniffer function which tells you how to find your wines at the best prices among more than 8000 references, detailed reports, an application model access to increase functionalities:
    the integration of vinoXml standard. Version 1.1 includes new reports

    License:F R E E

    Requirements: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista



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    nice soft...

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