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Thread: Kiss Away The Day.........

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    Kiss Away The Day.........

    Kiss Away The Day
    By Philip Stephen Spillman


    When the day is longer than you,
    wearing you thin, making you crave sweet, placid dreams
    Let me kiss your worry filled face
    and embrace your shuffled thoughts

    When doubts steal your dreams,
    tearing down your ladder to the stars
    Let me cover your insecurity
    and lend you my shoulder to rest your weary head

    I wish to hold you, console you,
    let you lay in my arms,
    Safe from deadlines and passing cars,
    safe from a world gone mad

    I will unravel you,
    weeding out the trifles of life with a tender hand
    attached to two open arms,
    wanting to be your haven, your homeland,
    waiting to be your escape

    <pre>Let me unwind the clocks that are ticking,</pre>pushing you more and more
    let me make it alright,
    let me love you completely,
    let me kiss away the day

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    wow..napster........nice post.

    ur avatar changed....

    Ur thoughts also changed.....

    wat is there all behind this....????? Say.....let us also kno who changed u this much.....!?????

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    i liked the avtar so changed i always change....

    well i will tell u thats nice friends like u there special words....

    u all and this forum changed me.....lovely and true frnds i have got...

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    wow...we honoured napster....Thank You!

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    i will tell u the truth the pleasure and honour was all mine to have such wonderfull frnds like u all....changed few things in mean...i learned many new things from u really pleasure was all mine

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    But u ddnt learn to remove these horns of that devil from this angel's face....hope u will chng that too........

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    hmm hema ..habbits r easy to make difficult to break...

    and dog will allways bark ...whatever u teach him to do....

    so truth is devil will remain devil how much nice or sweet he may appear

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    ...nice poem... i kinda like the phrase 'kiss away the day'... if you ever have a bad boring can just say 'kiss away the day' sounds light...

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    hmm...nice way sunshine...

    take care may god bless u

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