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Thread: Friendly Friends

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    Friendly Friends

    Friendly Friends
    By Mandy Danee' Armfield


    We?re just friends, so we say...

    Such a friendly way
    you captivate my every thought
    when you look my way

    Such a friendly touch
    when you put your arm around my shoulders
    and make me feel as if I could fly

    Such a friendly whisper in my ear
    to tell me something
    to make me smile

    Such a friendly way
    I make you laugh in a way
    that no one else can do
    Such a friendly little world
    people call our own
    when we are together

    Such a friendly gaze
    we got lost in when, through the maze
    of the school hall, we find each other
    But we are just friends... right?

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    wow.........for the sake of naming we name it as Friendship...right?

    In life some relationships can not be named u know....its foundation might be through out the life we try to call it friendship...but they means much more than "friends" in our life na?....keep alive those relationships....just for frinedship...!

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    ya very true hemasnair......the word u said...

    some relations r more then friendship..this doesnot means that it is always love...but means they share special relations with u...

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    lovely..well expressed...

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    a smile for u sunshine...and take care...cya

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    fantastic devil

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    gr8.. post..

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    thank u

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    welcome mate..

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