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Thread: Internet kills art of joke telling

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    Internet kills art of joke telling

    LONDON: How many times have you clicked the forward button every time you’ve received a funny joke in the mail? Chances are pretty often. Well, it seems like you’re doing your part in killing off the art of telling jokes, according to a new survey in Britain.

    The World Wide Web is getting blamed for killing off the art of telling jokes and now the average Briton only remembers and recycles the same two jokes, a new survey showed on Friday.

    Up to 75% of those surveyed by Loaded Magazine admitted they spent up to an hour a week at work sending humourous e-mails.

    A lonely five percent admitted they had never received a joke via their inbox.


    A whopping 40% of those polled admitted that they recycled the same two jokes over and over again.

    "It’s altogether easier to press a button to forward a whole ream of jokes rather than tell them all one by one," said Martin Daubney, editor of Loaded Magazine which, undeterred, is staging this year’s LAFTA awards for comedians.

    He said: "These days it seems you’re much more likely to hear ‘Did you see that clip on You Tube?’ rather than ‘There was an Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman...’".

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    Time is changing us along with it's fastness....
    No one has time to say hai..or bye....
    if hav a little then no one would try to read a joke...instead would expect a question like this..Did you see that clip on you tube!!! Ya...Time is rolling fast...

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    ya it true what u r saying...

    but the fun and enjoyment or freshness we get wwhen some tell a not the same as reading it....that is why gr8 indian laughter challenge and shows like that were gr8 sucess

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    So u hav time to say Hello........very good! so nice to hear it napster...

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    really u r my only frnd here with whom i have not chatted much but u r still one of those frnd i respect ur thoughts & words r so beautiful....

    have a gr8 day ahead may god bless u

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    yh its is killing the jokes...

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    hmm can't say thanks there for a smile for ur comment

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    T R U E

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    thumbs up ...

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