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Thread: It hurts

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    It hurts

    He walks along
    Walking all alone
    But he can't see
    That what he needs is me
    He comes to me,
    Then he'll leave again
    He doesn't know
    Just what it does to me

    It hurts to see him
    Walking all alone
    It hurts, to be me,
    To want but to not have him
    But he can't see
    Oh how much he hurts me

    I take him back
    Time and time again
    But when he leaves
    It happens all again
    I hurt inside
    A pain that is so deep
    And he . . . he doesn't know

    He doesn't know my pain
    Or how much he hurts me
    He lives his life
    Just fine without me
    But me, I hurt,
    I hurt for only him
    And all this time
    He still doesn't know

    I reach for him
    Reaching oh so far
    But he's not there
    Not there at all
    He's gone away
    Away once again
    But he'll be back
    Sometime the end

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    ..hmm..its full of pain...hmm anyways nice post...and take care... =)

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    pain...well the usaid words that come from deep inside....and these feelings and usaid words can be viseversa coz......

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    Thanks sunshine,shalin & devil

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