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Thread: Did I Miss Anything?

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    Did I Miss Anything?

    Nothing. When we realized you werenít here
    we sat with our hands folded on our desks
    in silence, for the full two hours

    Everything. I gave an exam worth
    40 percent of the grade for this term
    and assigned some reading due today
    on which Iím about to hand out a quiz
    worth 50 percent

    Nothing. None of the content of this course
    has value or meaning
    Take as many days off as you like:
    any activities we undertake as a class
    I assure you will not matter either to you or me
    and are without purpose

    Everything. A few minutes after we began last time
    a shaft of light suddenly descended and an angel
    or other heavenly being appeared
    and revealed to us what each woman or man must do
    to attain divine wisdom in this life and
    the hereafter
    This is the last time the class will meet
    before we disperse to bring the good news to all people
    on earth.

    Nothing. When you are not present
    how could something significant occur?

    Everything. Contained in this classroom
    is a microcosm of human experience
    assembled for you to query and examine and ponder
    This is not the only place such an opportunity has been

    but it was one place

    And you werenít here

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    hmmmm.........Missing someone so

    dnt worry da....

    moments will pass..
    hurting and consoling....
    dont be upset....stand up there..
    it will pass away as those sea waves.. make you wet again and again..
    will grab those soils beneath ur feets....
    Just close ur eyes...and stand up there....
    you surely will feel one touching ur feet.
    it wont be anything else....but a sweet beed...
    just shining and glittering only for you....

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    nice post Ash..... Hemasnair your so sweet with your poetry... anyways take care...

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    nice post Ash..... Hemasnair your so sweet with the way you convey emotions... anyways take care...

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