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Thread: Five Great Hurts

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    Five Great Hurts

    Loss, pain, loneliness, truth, and rejection
    Great pain with the loss of one’s mate
    Memories are but a passing reflection
    We now wonder about our fate.

    Pain, loneliness, truth, rejection, and loss
    It hits, rages and comes in all shapes
    Its sting sticks and clings like moss
    Torturing the very soul it rapes.

    Loneliness, truth, rejection, loss, and pain
    Comes when we know no one cares
    Leaves us adrift, falling like rain
    Taste no flavors, see no flares.


    Truth, rejection, loss, pain, and loneliness
    Truly one thing that becomes so harsh
    Learning there’s no lasting happiness
    Makes us sink as in a bog or marsh.

    Rejection, loss, pain, loneliness, and truth
    It seems we can do nothing of worth
    Is worse than an ache of a tooth
    We crave death to come forth.

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    ..hmmm nice one...
    ..Rejection, loss, pain, loneliness, and truth can sometimes hurt alot...the horrible ingrediants of life...
    anyways take care...

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    nice one...

    and hurty...

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    well every wound gives a reason to end the life but truth is it make u strong to live ur life...make u strong for much bigger diffculties to face....

    every wound leave a mark behind so that u can always remember time heals all and u recover from it....and learned something....

    take care bye

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