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Thread: True Love Hurts

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    True Love Hurts

    The pain of my heart breaking,
    Is worse than the pain of being alone,
    I must suffer this pain in silence,
    As I lay here all on my own.

    Love has smashed my being,
    The hurt is becoming to strong,
    My emotions are constantly freeing,
    I fear very soon they'll be gone.

    This heart of mine rejects me,
    Its left nothing but an empty hole,
    I used to think you set me free,
    Now theres not much left in my soul.


    If love was a disease it'd be fatal,
    I stare into outer space,
    I put all my cards on the table,
    But you just threw them back in my face.

    I can feel the pain over-taking,
    I regret not being there enough,
    I feel my heart quickly breaking,
    As I say good-bye to my love.

    Now the hurt is making me numb,
    I'm in pain every time I see you,
    As I stare up into the sun,
    It blinds but I'm trying to see through.

    I feel the anger rising,
    What the hell have I done,
    The pain seeps out from inside me,
    Until the pain is all gone.

    I had the time of my life,
    Without you I don't know what to do,
    I'm still trying to remove the knife,
    It has ran me all the way through.

    I wish things had been different,
    I wish things hadn't got so bad,
    I thought you really were god sent,
    I wonder of the life we could have had.

    You still want to be friends,
    But in you I cannot trust,
    Every fairy tale ends,
    All still remains but the lust.

    All I have left are my friends,
    They'll always stay by my side,
    They're always there in my defence,
    They inspire the hope I need to get by.

    By Alex Williams

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    nice one...yh we all need friends..everyone needs somebody sometime... =)

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    true love hurts....

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    heart breaks heart ....he is right but something hurts more then that tooo...which u can't even explain....cheers

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    hmmmm thanks

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