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Thread: What I Felt When My Heart Broke........

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    What I Felt When My Heart Broke........

    What I Felt When My Heart Broke........What i Felt When I Thought....

    By Napster (Me)

    I was sitting alone i thought of u,
    a tear fell out only for u,
    u r my life u will never know
    coz this secret is deep under my soul.

    I made u laugh when i was crying
    coz my every tear wants u to smile.


    a day cam when u made a find,
    u told me that u made up ur mind.
    It shattered my heart into pieces
    but i gave ur find a cheers that u take it.

    I lost u my life i never showed,
    Now i know why i was thinking about u
    Why a tear fell only for u....

    Give ur replies ...u may like it or u may not like it plz do give ur replies.....

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    superb devil
    hats offfffffff

    who is tat devil(i mean ur angel) anyway she is lucky

    goone with ur creations

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    hmm sweety i am still thinking where she is not found yet..... .....coz few came few went no one gave me a look.....

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    so sad

    try devil my best wishes

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    thanks still searching my true love when ever i found it was not true or was never let the search go on.....and cheers frnd

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    Very nice and meaningful

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    ..seriously that touched my seems so possesses delicate beauty...

    yaad hain sunnuuu is rightly said if u love someone let them free if they come back they r urs and if the don't they were never urs... sunnuuu suno...if you have these feelings for someone you knew, let her know how you feel towards her… maybe that’s a way you’ll become close again…be spontaneous...spontaneous moments are usually the best moments...and im sure she will love this poem...aur wasay bhi sunnuuu said he lives as if there’s no tomorrows…so go ahead and tell her na…hmm acha take

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    so sweet sunshine.......but i can't tell...

    coz i broke my heart many times....few were just crush....few got married....few were in love with someone already....few were faking....

    so never fell in love....

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    Ha....good post and also ur comments....superb!

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    oh sad to hear...but dont u be worrying every lil thing is gonna be alrite... soon youll be singing "tenu leke main javanga, dil deke main javanga"...
    .. anyways sunnuuu take care...

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