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    Santa Singh

    SANTA SINGH from Punjab University and three other guys from Harvard, Yale, MIT all were to be interviewed for a prestigious job. One common question was asked to all 4 of them.



    YALE guy: Its light, Nothing can travel faster than light
    HARVARD Guy: It's the Thought; b'cos thought is so fast it comes instantly
    in your mind.
    MIT guy: Its Blink, you can blink and its hard to realize you blinked
    SANTA SINGH: Its Loose motion
    INTERVIEWER: (Shocked to hear Santa's reply, asked) "WHY"?
    SANTA SINGH: Last night after dinner, I was lying in my bed and I got the
    worst stomach cramps, and before I could THINK, BLINK, or TURN ON THE
    LIGHTS, it was over!!!!

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    nice one i heard this before too

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