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Thread: ~~!!! I lost You BeFoRe I eVen FoUnD You !!! ~~

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    ~~!!! I lost You BeFoRe I eVen FoUnD You !!! ~~

    How could I be so naive and silly?
    To love You so much, so deeply
    without thinking about the reality
    I trusted You completely
    & dedicated my whole self to You entirely
    A little care shown by you
    took me out of my blues
    I thought You loved me too
    the same way as I loved You!
    But now today I know
    no flower survives the heavy snow
    How empty,unspoken words
    could make you feel this love?
    I am lost and lonely again
    with an excruciating pain
    looks like all my prayers have gone in vain
    And now I've come to realize that
    each day was a step towards losing you
    I lost You before I even found You..


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    nice one made me remember someone

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    so sad love poem makes me sad

    nice termi

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    it hurts dosent it but very nice poem

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    Termiantor...that was so sad...sorrows...anyways nice post and take care.. =)

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    Terminator has posted a thing of his own
    this increases the popularity of this post....

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