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Thread: What is Beauty????????

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    What is Beauty????????

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    What is this Beauty? Of course i am talking about the beauty of a Human being, both men and women. Whom we will consider as Beautiful?

    I am not asking about the dictionary meaning of the word.

    For me ,as its the attraction that we feels towards a person who catches our attention. It consists of the personality, the way of their dealing with other person, the way of their dressing, and even the attitude of them.

    Now what abt u? who is beautiful? i am not asking for an example of particular person. but in general,

    what is this beauty?

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    beauty to me is hmmm

    small child with innocent soul

    and true frnd.....for me beauty is ur heart

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    beauty is the feeling when u think u have got the person who is world to u...

    beauty is morning freshness of a garden.....

    beauty is sunset with little cloulds around....

    beauty is see ur love aparting from u and a smile on ur face....

    beauty is making other enjoy and laugh while hiding the deepest wound inside...

    beauty is mother smile....

    beauty is sleep in mother's lap...

    beauty is a smile from ur love ment only for u....

    beauty is the thing u can make beautiful...worth living for u and others..

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    wow so must knowledgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    True beauty is a person whose personality is wonderful through and through. Beauty is more than skin deep = to have beauty, you must be a good person. Have you ever met a person who is ugly on the outside, but once you get to know them, their nice personality makes them more attractive to you?

    Similar quote: "Beauty is only skin deep, ugly goes clear to the bone" - not sure who said it, but it rings true

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    both sweety and nap...
    congrats for having such good knowledge on beauty....

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    thanks shalin...

    and sweety i don't have any knowledge....just like that came out...

    u r right in what u said sweety about beauty....

    coz its what inside makes a person worth living and worth loving

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    0 is all skin isn't what a person is, it's what a person is a persons personality, character, manaz and values... in my eyes a person without inner beauty is not beautiful at all even if he/she has the most gorgeous looks... =)
    Sunnuuu that was beautifully said...…and sweety good definition…
    take loadzZz of care of yourselvez…=)

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    u all have a gr8 knowledge on beauty....

    i m the only one left alone...

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    thankyou Shalin... well thats just my opinion... i guess not everyone thinks the same as me...anyways take care and let us know ur defintion...

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