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Thread: EXCLUSIVE interview of Tanushree Dutta

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    EXCLUSIVE interview of Tanushree Dutta

    From Miss India to oomph princess, Tanushree Dutta has an eventful journey in Bollywood. She started off as an item girl in roles that any actress looking for performance-oriented work would shy away from. But now, Tanushree has had enough of fluff. She’s looking for author-backed roles with big banners that will add her name to the A-list of performers. A casual chat with the pretty actress:

    What can we expect from you in the near future?
    Well, I’m working on Priyadarshan's Dhol and Vikram Bhatt's Speed. While Dhol is a comedy, Speed is a thriller. I play Zayed Khan's love interest in Speed. I am looking forward to the release of both the films.

    You have gone for a complete makeover...
    Yes. I have changed my image completely. After Raqeeb and Good Boy Bad Boy, I felt I needed to give myself an image makeover. I had also put on some weight recently. But I worked hard and now am back in shape. I have also worked on my look, makeup and approach. At one point, I had too many things on my plate. I committed myself to too many projects as a result of which I had to work two to three shifts a day sometimes. It was easy to get undisciplined. I became a bit lazy. But now I am back on track. I have learnt to balance my professional and personal life effectively.

    Most of your recent films haven't done well at the box office...
    It's true that most of my films have not been great hits, but I see it as an opportunity to analyze and see what went wrong. After seeing Raqeeb and Good Boy Bad Boy I worked on myself a lot. I am sure it will show in my forthcoming releases.

    How did you manage to lose the weight you gained recently?
    I work out four times a week. My trainer takes care of my training schedule. I don't believe in crash diets. But I control my diet a lot. I don't eat fried foods. No aerated drinks for me. My mom strictly monitors my diet. I am a bit lazy sometimes but my mom makes sure she pushes me. She also pushes me to go and work out in the gym. Being a Bengali I was exposed to a lot of sweets before. Now, when I am tempted I eat a tiny bit of something I like. But mostly I try and avoid fattening foods.


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    What kinds of scripts are you looking for?
    I have done comedy films like Bhagam Bhaag which I enjoyed a lot. I have played a sensual role in Chocolate. I have even done a negative role so early in my career with Raqeeb. I like to do different roles. I don't like to confine myself to one particular genre. When I hear a script, if it appeals to me I go for it. I listen to my heart. I am open to all kinds of roles.

    Have you ever been invited to the casting couch?
    (Laughs) I maintain a professional relationship with all the people in the industry. I don't let any man come close to me unless I want him to. I am very clear about that. But tomorrow if I meet the dream man, I might go ahead. I will cross that bridge when I come to it. (Smiles)

    From modeling to acting, how was your journey?
    I come from a very close knit family. My parents mean the world to me. When I was in college, I started modeling just to earn that extra buck. Even then I used to have deadlines. I had to make sure my shoots wrapped up by 6 pm. My hostel was very strict and I couldn't go in late. Initially, my parents were a bit apprehensive but now they know that their daughter can carry herself well. It has been a pleasant journey and I hope to do a lot more good work in the industry.

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