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Thread: Toilet cleaning

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    Toilet cleaning

    Mukesh visited his friend Kumar's house with his son.
    While having tea they both were discussing their children. Mukesh complained that his son is always arguing when he scolds him but Kumar had all praise for his son.
    Kumar said: I am lucky to have a son like him, no matter how much I scold him he never utters a word. Only thing he does is he locks himself in the toilet for half an hour & then comes back smiling as if nothing has happened.

    Both their sons were listening their conversation.


    Mukesh's son was amused & called Kumar's son in the corner & asked " How can you be so cool, don't you get angry when your father scolds you? "
    Kumar's son: Yes I get angry but I just lock myself in the toilet & clean the shit pot & then I come back normal "
    Mukesh's son: But what has cleaning the pot got to do with your anger?
    Kumar's son: I clean the pot with my father's toothbrush

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    Ha Ha Ha!
    Its funny!

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    Awww man that's nasty!!!!!!!!!!

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    nice thinking

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    thnx all 3 of you...

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