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    10 signs of u r in luv:

    1. U walk really slow wen u r wid her/him.

    2. U feel shy wen she/he is arund.

    3. U smile wen u hear her/him voice.

    4. Wen u look at her/him u cant c othr people arund.

    6. U start listenin 2 slow songs.

    7. U realise u r always smilin 2 urself

    wen u think abut her/him.

    8. U wud do anythn 2 c her/him.

    9. U wer so busy thinkin abut her/him

    dat u did nt c dat point no. 5 is missing.

    10. Now u scrolled up n laugh on ur mistake.

    Ha ha pakade gye!!

    I cum 2 know u r in luv.

    u got lost thinking abt him/her.



    Do u know

    abt d things

    which live

    after death?









    So keep in touch!!



    Ek ajab c paheli hai jiNdgi,

    sab k sath fir bhi akeli hai jiNdgi.

    Kbhi pyara sa ek armaaN hai jiNdgi,

    to kbhi dard se bhara tufaN hai jiNdgi.

    Kbhi pholo se bhara ek guldasta hai,

    to kbhi kaaNto se bhara ek rasta.

    Kbhi bacho c masoom ho jati hai,

    to kbhi guNaho ka bhoj baN jati hai.

    Koi to bata de mujhe kya hai jiNdgi,

    suNa hai chaNd roz ki mehmaN hai jiNdgi.

    JiNdgi ko chor ek diN jaNa prega,

    jiNdgi se jitNa pyar tum krlo,

    hoti to akhir bewafa hai jiNdgi.



    Wat is real bt invisible?

    ur care.

    wat is true bt unfair?

    ur absence.

    wat is sweet bt naugty?

    ur smile.

    wat is precious bt priceless?

    Our relation



    No one has traveled d road of succes

    without crossing d streets of failure.

    God nvr promised us easy journey in life.

    He only blessed safe journey.



    Things we must be thankful for:

    1. Worries at the start of day:

    means u r still alive.

    2. Clothes that don't fit anymore:

    means u have a good appetite.

    3. Roof that needs fixing:

    means U've got a house.

    4. A msg on ur mobile

    means u have a friend

    who remembers u & wishes u well.



    "SPECIAL" friend

    S - supports u

    P - prays for u

    E - encourages u

    C - cares for u

    I - inspires u

    A - advises u

    L- like u!

    Hope we remain 'Special' always..



    There is only one perfect child in d world

    and every mother has it.

    There is only one perfect wife in d world

    and damn! every neighbour has it. ;-D



    Dosti unse karo jo nibhana jante ho,

    Nafrat unse jo bhulana jante ho.

    Gussa unse karo jo manana jante ho,

    Aur pyar unse karo jo dil-o-jaan lutana jante ho.



    Mayawati ko modelling ka bhoot chadha!

    So she posed with buffaloes.

    A newspaper published d picture wid caption

    "Mayawati, 3rd from left"!



    Frnds should be like zero.

    So wen u add they r same,

    When u subtract they r same,

    When u multiply they r same,

    When u try to divide they become INFINITY.




    Santa-jab meri nayi nayi shadi hui thi

    mujhe biwi itni pyari lagti thi man karta tha khaa jaun.

    Banta-aur ab?

    Santa-khaa hi jata to acCha h0ta.



    When Santa's wife died,

    he changed his name 2

    Santa Singh B.A.(Bachelor Again).

    He got married again!

    Guess his new name?

    Santa Singh M.A. (Married Again)



    Lafzo ki tarah mujhse kitabo me milna,

    Tu banke mehak mujhse gulabo me milna.

    Jab b mujhe teri yaad aye,

    to banke aansu meri ankho me milna.



    CARE for the one who shares with U,

    Share with the one who knows U.

    Know the one who misses U,

    And miss the one who always luvs U

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    waww really gr888 collection darani, vryy nice

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    very nice messages darani.
    good one.

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    a gr8 collection darani
    Keep it up...

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    I've lost in reading the message.

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    so sweet post.....nice to be back...

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