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Thread: My Princess, My Wife...

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    My Princess, My Wife...

    My Princess, My Wife

    For My Dear Wife,
    On This Usual Day;
    I Write You This Poem,
    In My Own Special Way...

    I Wanted To Tell You,
    In Words Of My Own;
    You're The Most Precious Person,
    That I've Ever Known...


    You're The Prettiest Girl,
    Than Any I've Seen;
    Your Body Is Flawless,
    So Slender And Lean...

    Your Eyes Have That Sparkle,
    That I Can't Live Without;
    One Day Without Them,
    And I'd Die There's No Doubt...

    And I Just Lose Control,
    When I Glance At Your Hair;
    Those Curls Are Just Stunning,
    So Perfect And Rare...

    You're The Most Caring Person,
    That I've Ever Met;
    There's No One Like You,
    And That I Can Bet...

    What Attracts Me The Most,
    Is Your Sweet And Kind Touch;
    You're A Gift Sent From Heaven,
    And I Love You So Much...

    So Hold Me As Close,
    As You Possibly Can;
    'Cause Now And Forever,
    I Am Your Man...

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    Wah!..........No WORDS DEAR...let me sit quite for a moment...AMAZING....or SUPERB...??? I dont know to say....

    It is the glorious one among ur writting I think sunshine....whether u r a wife or a husband...I wish You always to keep these feelings alive...It will surely make ur world so shining. Because A wife needs a Man as like you who understands her this much as you do.. And if you are a wife then let me say A Man deserves you by his best becaouse of ur sweet thoughts that u have......No wonder how sweet person you are...Keep alive that heart which is just beating to show its sweet dear.

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    very romantic

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    thankyou very much Hemasnair and thankyou Beng...

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    wat to tell ?
    wat hemas said is right coz when i read this the same feelings came to my mind


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    Thanks for this support u da...

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    nice one...

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    the person who wrote this i want to meet coz the thing he got people spent there life searching for

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    a warm and cheerful smile to all of you for replying my post..!

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