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    Could you make this pain go away?
    Could you fill my empty heart?
    Could you heal all my wounds,
    and promise we will never be apart?
    Promise me you'll never leave,
    and make everything all right.
    Promise me when I start to fall,
    you'll hold on to me tight.
    Promise me you'll protect me and help wipe my tears,
    Promise me your love for a few more years.
    Promise me you'll love me no matter what I do,
    and I will promise to only love you

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    Promises- we often tries to keep up our promises with best of our honesty and loyality. But no one knows wat the next moment brings in front of us...

    So watever it may be...let me say this much......

    Friend, Here All these friends will never make you feel alone....

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    very nice.

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    could u always keep on posting such kool stuff

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    aww that was a nice post..!

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