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Thread: Time - The irritating guest

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    Tom Jerry

    Time - The irritating guest

    It is the time
    which often comes
    between us
    without our conscent.
    How much hard it makes us
    just to say bye
    and depart..
    We stand together
    in the darkness of silence
    which interpret our feelings
    which lies deep in us...
    I try to wipe her tears
    and she mine..
    and will try to feel as
    "You are Mine.."
    I wont go far away
    from you at any cost
    Will sit here and will wait
    untill you return...!!!


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    hmm.....feeling for some is always so when the times comes to say bye to those days....

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    Well in the first place I wont let her go

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    Am appreciating Guardian's approach! Good thought....

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    he is right...

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    nice thought

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    ..nice n sweet...

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