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Thread: Unit of My Love

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    Unit of My Love

    Money may make you rich
    Money may make you happy...
    Money get you everything
    But it wont give you my smile...
    Never measure my Love
    in terms of Money...
    Nor I gave this to you..
    To recieve it back in money...

    How can you pay for my smile...?
    Can you measure it's weight from mile?
    If I made you to smile a while....
    It never meant in terms of lie...
    If you start counting my Love
    in terms of money from so far...
    Then watever I gave you list it
    and label it in "Badone's Account"!


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    Nice one Hema..

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    Thank You dears...........

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    its true hema ,good post

    bye take care

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    very true.
    good post.

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    When you all says this is a good post....really am not feeling good...Y U know....????

    When someone so close to my heart said to me as a joke about money in return of my love....really it hit inside my heart so hardly....I know he doesnt mean in the sense that I meant....He might be thought like he would pay me that much for this relation....But I ddnt get a chance to tell him that he means much more than this materialistic happiness.....Thats why I mentioned it in few lines to make me free along with him...Let our thoughts be same...

    Anyway thanks to all that you all read this tiny post...and try to never measure any relation in terms of money....Just give it your thoughts beautifulness....

    And Zaray....You are new na...welcome to here.

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    u r right hemas.
    ur sayings are too truth both poem and ur reply to others

    me too feels like this so many times in our life.
    thanks for sharing this with us & a warm message too

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    Cheers da sweety.....take care...

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