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Thread: cute sms for all

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    cute sms for all

    ) 3 Things in Life once gone will never come back TIME, WORDS & OPPORTUNITY. 3 Things in Life should never be Lost HOPE, LOVE &

    Come on, how can u 4get ME

    2) 1day my brain asked me "wy r u sending messages to that person who is not messaging you?" but my little heart said to brain" you need message i need friend"

    3) Whenever i feel i miss u, i close my eyes. I feel that u sit beside me. I wont open my eyes bcos of the fear that u may come out in my tears.

    4) Wishing you my friend
    Every star a guiding one..
    Every sky a blue one..
    Every heart an open one..
    Every friend a true one..
    Every dream a lasting one..
    Every song a bright one..
    Every path an easy one..

    Every turn a right one..
    .. GOOD NIGHT ..

    5) Life is 4 livin, I Live 4 U.
    Songs r 4 singin, I Sing 4 U.
    Love is 4 carin, I Care 4 U.
    Angels r 4 keepin, Can I keep U...?

    6) Accidents do happen.slip,stumble i fall but usually i dont care.but now i dont know what to do Becuase i slipped and fell in 'Love with my sweet heart'

    7) The greatest gift u can give to someone is ur TIME.. b'coz when u give someone your time, you're giving them a portion of life that you'll never get back.

    As i lie awake in my bed.
    all sorts of thought run thru my head.
    like y do i luv u as much as i do.
    den i realise its bcoz u r u!
    i luv ur eyes i luv ur smile.
    i cherish ur ways i adore ur style.
    wat can i say?ur 1of a kind & 24/7 ur on my mind!

    9) Lovin wat u get is compromise.
    Gettin wat u luv is succes. Lovin widout carin whthr u'll get or nt is Tru Luv. Lovin evn aftr knwin tht u wont get, is Pure Luv!

    10) Love is magical.
    It's a language that deaf can hear,
    a song d crippled can dance to,
    and a sunset d blind can see.
    [email protected]@d Morning & wishing u a day full of LOVE.

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    cute one.. but Long messages...

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