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Thread: R we able to share DVD?

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    R we able to share DVD?

    Hi experts,
    R we able to share CD/DVD writer ?
    Is it possible means ..
    we can write the files by using network itself know...
    NO need to buy CD/DVD writer for all systems....
    IF any body knows it.. DO repy....


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    I didn't understood it
    Please explain in detail...

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    HA HA,Is it a joke!!!!!
    U can share software resources via Network and not the hardware resources.
    The CDR/DVDR has got the laser to write on it and i don't know how u can share that laser on network????
    If u can please do also tell me!!

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    well . as a printer can be shared in a network. it is might possible that other hardware can be shared. a hard disk drive can be shared on a network. but i am not sure about cd writer.

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    Nero is an software application to write the CD know

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    ya, of Course we cant able to Share Hardware resources..
    But the NERO is an software application, used to write Data in the CD...

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    hello supersunny,
    We r going to write the datas by using NERO only..
    Nero is an Software application..
    then why we cant able to write by using networks...

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    don't have much knowledge about it...

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    no idea but i can search on it

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