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Thread: Get Out of My Bar......

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    Get Out of My Bar......

    There was once a man who was in a bar, terribly drunk. The bartender noticed this, and when he asked for another beer, the bartender politely told him that he was too drunk to be served another drink. The man leaves.

    He walks in the side door and asks the bartender for a beer. A little frustrated, the bartender repeats the answer he said before. The man leaves.

    He then comes in the other side door, walks to the bartender and asks for a beer. The bartender is annoyed, and tells the man he is too drunk and to get a ride home and leave his bar. He leaves.

    He then comes in the back door, comes to the bartender, and before he can say a word, the bartender explodes at him.

    “I told you already, you are way to drunk, you can not have another beer! Get out of my bar!”

    Disgruntled, the man looks at the bartender and asks, “Man, how many bars do you work at?”

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    LOL Thats the problem with being too drunk

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    nice one daaa

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    he really is drunk

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    nice one....

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