BB code is a way to format your message in this forum using bbcode toolbar. it is same like u format message in orkut.


the way to use bbcode is very easy.
let me show u how it works.

for example when u post a new message , see the bold B button on ur posting window.
press the B button , it will insert a code [ b ] like this (without spaces) and a * will be added with the button B.

now write some text and press the B button again ,

the whole code will be like that

[ b ] hello [ / b ]

and the output will be shown when u will post the message , it will be like that


similarly i button is for italic
u is for underline
quote is for placing a quote
code is for placing some language code
list is for list
image for hotlinking an image from any website
url for inserting url

youtube and gvideo is for inserting youtube and and google videos.
they are also simple , just insert the video addressbar url between the tag and it will do the remaining process itself.

upload picture button is for upload images. press upload picture browse for image click on send , and then on the coming page , press on standard and picture code will be inserted. and picture will be hosted on our forum from ur hard disk drive.

similarly u can choose fonts and their sizes