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Thread: The 10 Hard Working Dog Breeds

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    The 10 Hard Working Dog Breeds

    The 10 Hard Working Dog Breeds

    10 Alaskan Malamute
    9 Belgian Malinois
    8 Akita
    7 German Shepherd
    6 Doberman Pinscher
    5 Rottweiler
    4 Boxer
    3 Golden Retriever
    2 Labrador Retriever
    1 Bloodhound

    From catching scents to rescue operations, baby-sitting, fetching, guarding, jogging, or just tirelessly messing around, we have listed ten of the most hardworking dogs.


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    shocked....omg this is a dog......nice post man

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    wat the that a dog???????

    It looks like a hefty wolf!!!!!!!

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    ohhhhhh! i never seen such a huge beast till now!!!
    stunned to see it.
    vryy amaging one kali

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    he shud try for mr Olympia.....bodybuilding tournament....

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