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Thread: Pathans concept

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    Pathans concept


    A Pathan go to a store and sees a shining object. He asks the clerk,

    "What is that shiny object?" The clerk replies, "That is a thermos flask."

    The Pathan then asks, "What does it do?"

    The clerk responds, "It keeps hot things hot and it keeps cold things cold."

    The Pathan says, "I'll take it!"

    The next day, he walks into work with his new thermos.

    His Pathan boss sees him and asks, "What is that shiny object with you?"

    He said, "It's a thermos flask."

    The boss then says, "What does it do?"

    He replies, "It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold."

    The boss said, "Wow, what do you have in it?"

    The Pathan replies, "Two cups of coffee and a coke."


    What will a Pathan do after taking photocopies ?

    He will compare it with the original for spelling mistakes !!


    What will a Pathan do if he wants an additional white sheet of paper? (he already has one and he wants one more..) ---He takes a photocopy of the white paper !!
    Pathan went to the appliance store sale and found a bargain. "I would like to buy this small TV," he told the salesman. "Sorry, we don't sell to Pathan" he replied. He hurried home removed his turban and changed his hair style, and returned to tell the salesman "I would like to buy this TV."

    "Sorry, we don't sell to Pathan," Salesman replied. "Damn, he recognized me," he thought. he went for a complete disguise this time, haircut and new hair color, new outfit, big sunglasses, then waited a few days before he again approached the salesman.

    "I would like to buy this TV."

    "Sorry, we don't sell to Pathan," he replied.

    Frustrated, he exclaimed, "How do you know I'm a Pathan?" "Because that's a microwave, Not a TV" he replied.


    Why did 18 Pathan go to a movie?

    Because below 18 was not allowed.



    How do you make a Pathan laugh on Saturday?

    Tell him a joke on Wednesday.


    Why can't Pathan make ice cubes?

    They always forget the recipe.


    Why does Pathan always smile during lightning storms?

    They think their picture is being taken.


    How can you tell when Pathan sends you a fax?

    It has a stamp on it.


    Shakir Khan & Jazbat Khan are in a railway station.

    Jazbat khan asks the clerk: "Can I take this train to Quetta?"

    "No," answers the Railway man.

    "Can I?" asks Shakir Khan.


    A Pathan goes to see the Movie "Jurassic Park" and when the Dinosaurs start approaching he is cowering in his seat when his friend asks him

    "Kyon Khan Sahab, kya baat hai? Dar kyon lag raha hai cinema hi to hai"

    Pathan replies "Aadmi hoon aur akkal hai, pata hai ki cinema hai lekin voh to janwar hai, usko kya pata "


    Pathan got the 4th child. He fills data in the birth certificate "Mother: Pathan. Father: Pathan. Kid: Chinese."

    "How come you write "Chinese" when both parents are Pathan?"

    " Aah, read a newspaper, it says that every 4th person born on the Earth now is a Chinese."


    A Pathan goes to a hotel and eats heartily. After eating he goes to wash his hands but starts washing the basin instead.

    The manager comes running and asks him, "Khan Sahab , aap kya kar raheho?"

    To this the man replies, "Oye, tumne hi to idhar board lagaya hai, "Wash Basin".

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    NIce Jokes.. the only diff.. is i have read them on a sardar before.

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    nice ones...lolz

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