How To Get To Sleep-RELAX-Peaceful Mountain River-Bird Song-Nature Sounds-Calming Flowing Water

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How To Get To Sleep, Naturally
If you would like to use this video to help you get to sleep, there are a couple of methods you can use.

For the first method, I would suggest watching this tranquil video on full screen in the highest definition possible, in a quite room and comfortable chair. Maintain your focus and attention entirely on the movement of the flowing water in the foreground of the image. Allow yourself to drift away with the musical sounds of this tranquil mountain river and peaceful bird song.

For the second method you could lie in a comfortable position and just listen to the sounds as they play in the background.

Best of all, you could combine the two methods, first watch the video to help you relax your mind before you lie down, that way the image of this beautiful mountain stream will be embedded in your mind. Once you are lying comfortably, play the video again, this time just listen to the sounds of nature's music, bird song and the hypnotic sound of flowing water.

I filmed this video on a cool spring evening in the Cladagh river in County Fermanagh, Northern Ierland.