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Thread: If I Were "admin" Of Nidokidos.........GAME

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    If I Were "admin" Of Nidokidos.........GAME

    Guys I am shalin starting a new game and 1st one for me.
    The game is simple


    i) In post you have to say that what would you do if you were admin of this site
    ii) Please play it properly

    Starting from me

    If I were admin of Nidokidos than I would be always online on Nidokidos

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    If i were Admin ....................

    I will start charging for registration..
    and do the following things also............

    All members have to post at least 10 posting per day.

    All members have to change their passwords monthly.

    If member does not login more than a week then
    registration will be canceled.

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    If i were the admin

    I would find more sponsors for the site and with the help of that money i will organise get togather of all nido members

    (Admin dont mind its just a game and i dont know how the site works & all)

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    if i were the adm:
    i would change the colour and design of the site... bhai designer hain akhir hum vaise this design is also very nice

    balance plans i tell u later when i become this site adm:
    sorry naveed game hana.............

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    If I were admin I wouldn't give my email to anybody
    {bhav khaunga}

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    If i wer da admin...i would really do nothing more so far...this site is just 2 gr8...
    gr8 work admin...

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    If I were admin I would add a Metacafe Video bbcode
    coz I think Youtube and Google Video are not enough

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    if i were admin the i would.....pray that i can do what naveed has done so far

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    If I were admin i would start a new forum for other things

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    if i were admin i wud allow posting of software and games on this site.

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