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Thread: Are you my friend?

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    Are you my friend?

    Will you be there when I'm down,
    And catch me when I fall?
    Will you hold me when I need
    To feel the warmth of your touch?

    Will you laugh when I laugh,
    And cry when I cry?
    Will you let me rant and rave,
    When I need to let off steam?

    Will you discuss those painful things,
    That you'd rather not think about?
    Like the times we've hurt each other,
    And promised would never do so again?

    Will you say the right thing,
    When all I've heard is the wrong?
    And tell me soothing words,
    That make the pain I feel subside?

    Will you understand me when I say,
    "I can't see you now, go away"?
    Will you come back when I call,
    As if nothing happened at all?

    If you'll do these things for me,
    And keep smiling all the way.
    If you'll be with me through the bad times,
    As well as the good.


    Then truly you are my friend,
    My pal, my mate and my confidante.
    And that means so much to me.
    I thank you dearly, for being there

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    Yes i am your Frnd
    & the poem is nice

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    Yes i do!
    Cross My Heart!

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    Very Nice sweety

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    thanks guys

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    lovely poem sweety... i m with u to.

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    Will be there for me

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    welcome sweety!!!

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    vryy cute poem
    how cant i be ur frnd?
    sweet frnd

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    sweet one sweety...

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