Hello fellow American citizens did you feel safer after watching this movie? Did you think you voted for the right guy in office. Did you know that your American tax payer money went to this war in Libya? Anybody want to fly a plane and find out if the brought the missiles to Europe and Mexico and shoot you down? Was the War in Libya worth this? Was the war in Libya justified? Did you the the rebels are not freedom fighters? The rebels belong to Al-Qeda. Did you know that America worked with Al-Qeda before? Did you think this was a liberation operation or a regime change,destabilization replace dictator with a new one mission? Did you feel safer with Bush in the Office or Obama?

Bringing you the intelligence,facts,breaking news,gossip and rumors of your fellow politician for the sake of Democracy. We bring into thinking, deception versus reality. We break down the persuasive and theatrical actions that politicians use to manipulate citizens all over the Globe. We show politicians their true colors to prevent tyranny.

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