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Thread: Dont miss to read this today!

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    Dont miss to read this today!

    We born to earth for some reason
    You have to do is tell the best thing (Even it is very little) you did yesterday to build your future.
    Any thing, even it is so small

    If you didnt do any thing you have killed a day from your life
    Lets Start!

    Lets Start


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    I spent two hours to read a course unit note.
    Think it will effect my exam!

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    i help my juniors for their project work yesterday

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    I developed a good realtionship with a client yesterday (good for my future)

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    hmmm i dont know

    hey Rastha is everything ok in Shrilanka coz yesterday Tusnami warning was issued after Jakarta Earthquake

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    Thanks 4 the reply friends!

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    i did my duty as a frnd

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