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Thread: translate n suggest ideas

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    translate n suggest ideas

    i have to solve a puzzle here
    i had a picture of indian flag and a clock over it at the place of chakra n its showin 8:00 O'clk

    we have hints
    subtract it!

    n plss translate

    hari bhootni ka samaya
    int h,m;

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    hi frnds need ur help pls translate n give suggetins ,

    solvin this means it requred a passwrd n username i think username is timezone n i made many possiblities for password
    2000hrs-0530hr=1430hr ie acc to gmt

    like the way pls give any suggetins
    wht mit b the password n username

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    Re: translate n suggest ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by maxjeolite
    i have to solve a puzzle here
    i had a picture of indian flag and a clock over it at the place of chakra n its showin 8:00 O'clk

    we have hints
    subtract it!

    n plss translate
    hari bhootni ka samaya
    int h,m;
    hi...can u pls explain wht u mean by this.......we have hints tht subtract it... n plss translate hari bhootni ka samaya int h,m;

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    hi dinesh
    this is a jus a puzzle
    in tht we have to reach for the next web page by doing any thing
    i had solved abt 9 puzzle like tht n now im stucked in this page
    the rule r so simple tht

    1. GOOGLE is the answer to every question. So is the case with this game. Try Google. (Disclaimer :: We are not a media agency.)

    2.Your MOUSE will prove to be the best tool. Try moving it , clicking it and everything you can do with your mouse on the page.

    3. "Observe, Think and Get" ... another mantra. Observe ALL the elements of the page carefully rather I should say very carefully. By 'All' I mean, it may be the title, URL, images, bla bla ....of the webpage.

    4. And did I forgot to mention the SOURCE CODE of the webpage in last point. You don't ever forget this point.

    5. Always remember all the PREVIOUS LEVELS. Sometimes Hints are there.

    6. Sometimes answers may be too SIMPLE to consider it relevant. Never Believe Yourself. Try all the possibilities.

    7. Sometimes you may need to enter username and password to go to the next level. Now the username and password must be infered from the hints as in images on the page, google, source code etc. Sometimes you may have to refer to some other portal.

    8. If clicks doesnt work try to change something in the URL. (URL is something you write in the address bar of your browser.) Remember :: All pages are .php files.

    9. And ofcourse don't loose PATIENCE. There is always a next page until or unless you don't get a message something like, "Voilla !! Eurekka !! COngrats !! You Have done It . "

    these r the rules given
    i had seen the source code of it in that it has written

    Darkness all over...

    Hari Bhootni ka Samay!!!!!!!!!!!


    int h,m;

    frm this i jus need a user name n password
    the website title is given tht SUBSTRACT IT

    n whn i saved tht pic frm web it has a name timezone.jpg
    i think this is the username

    these r all the hints i had with me now
    can u plss solve this

    this is the puzzle given in a techfest at IIT GAUHATI

    if u r intrstd to solve the puzzle
    contact to my id
    [email protected]

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    hope now u all can understand

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