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    Definition of "wife": Someone who'll stand by you through all the troubles
    which you wouldn't have had if you had stayed single...

    Wat a married man says after years of marriage:-
    My marriage is made of Trust & Understanding,
    she doesn't Trust me & I dont Understand her.

    dean - anybody caught going 2 ladies hostel will be fined rs.400 1st time,
    700 2nd time & 1000 3rd time. student - how much 4 a season pass?

    Shah Jahan Ne Taj Mahal Ki Har Deewar Ko Dekha, Har Meenar Ko Dekha,
    Har Kaleen Ko Dekha, Har Khidki Se Dekha... Aur Bola...
    Maa Kasam, Bahut Kharcha Ho Gaya !!!

    1 - message - received - 1 - cute - person - sent - it - 1 - monkey - is -
    reading - it -
    1 - monkey - is - angry - 1 - monkey - is - still - reading -
    1 - monkey - wil 4ward - dis - msg - to - anodr - monkey !

    Unlike others your brain is a master piece, It is divided in 2 parts - left
    & right. In
    left nothing is right, in right nothing is left.

    why do monkeys love banana.... -
    oops i am so sorry ........ - thats your personal matter!

    I love "u", I love "u", I love "u", I love "u", I love "u", I love "u", I
    love "u".
    Hey! Don't get excited, I love other alphabets too...v, w, x, y, z !

    I Love You. I Love You. I Love You. I Love You. I Love You. I Love You. I
    Love You.
    That's because Meneka Gandhi says "Love Animals" !

    VERY ... Cute, Gorgeous, Genius, Good-looking, Intelligent, One in
    I think its enough abt ME, wht abut U....

    The rain makes all things beautiful. The grass & flowers 2.
    If rain makes all things beautiful why doesn't it rain on you?

    to live a life v need brains,reflexes,luck,iq,knowledge,expression,perce
    n mental qualification.....hats off to u,for managing without them!!!

    Intelligent Man + Intelligent Woman = Romance.
    Intelligent Man + Stupid Woman = Pregnancy.
    Stupid Man + Intelligent Woman = Affair.
    Stupid Man + Stupid Woman = Marriage !

    Dhirubhai from heaven : "Beta Mukesh kaisa chal raha hai apna reliance".
    Mukesh: "Hello kon bol raha hai? thik se sunai nahi deta. call me on my
    HUTCH mobile!"

    Ikhtiyarre tabbasum ki lau ko tarranume numayish se aghaa dena...
    Jo iska matlab samajh aaye to please mujhe bhi bata dena.....

    Sincere Apology : If u dont like any of my SMS n dont like 2 read,
    then plz dont hesitate, feel free to..... Throw ur mobile.

    What is a girl friend?
    Addition of problems, subtraction of money,
    multiplication of enemies & division of friends


    doc chopra Psychotherapist wanted the name board to be painted infront of
    his clinic ,
    but our sardar painted " Dr chopra Psycho the rapist ".

    When i open my eyes every morning i pray to God
    that everyone should have a friend like you....
    Why should only i suffer!!!

    Aisi dosti hamari ki tu har rah,har dagar,har safar mein mile.
    Mar bhi jaun agar,tab bhi dosti ki khatir,tu bagal wali kabar mein mile

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    nice ...moved

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    thnx napster

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    u r welcome

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    Nice collection.

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    nice messages.

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