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Thread: My Soul Mate I have Found You!

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    My Soul Mate I have Found You!

    If you could read my mind
    There you would find
    The two of us intertwined
    The image of you I have memorized
    I remember enough to fantasize
    I close my eyes and there you are
    In my mind, so you're never far.
    I caress your lips, your face, your hair
    And hold you close, so I can feel you there.
    Our hands all over one another
    Roaming in places meant only for lovers.
    My heart, it yearns for you.
    My soul, it reaches out for you.
    In my every waking thought
    I know you too have not forgot
    The love we made
    The passion, the bliss
    I could never forget the way you kiss.
    And though the ocean separates us,
    I know again, I will feel your sweet touch.
    You were sent to me from up above
    To stay with me, forever in love.
    Within my heart I know it's true.
    my soul mate, I have found you!


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    nice ...........poem.............

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    wow nice one

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    Really am so confused.............all are writing so nicely....and ......posting suberp.........So dnt kno to whom all I hav to say You Hav done The Best...!!!

    I thank nidokidos forum for giving such a great platform to express........

    Really so nice post sweety.....

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    Very Sweet Poem Sweety..

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    thanks guysssssssssss

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