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Thread: Manage your money flows................Personal Finance Lite

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    Manage your money flows................Personal Finance Lite

    Personal Finances Lite
    Manage your money flows.

    It is a home accounting software.

    It tracks all your expenses, logging the regular ones automatically.

    You can easily compare family gains and losses and estimate the efficiency of using home budget resources.

    The features which make Personal Finances unique in its category are total simplicity and clearness.

    You can see at once from the summary view the way your money was spent, total sum and percentage structure for categories, balance on accounts, as well as overall balance.

    There is no need to scrutinize the reports in order to analyze your financial condition.

    The program is supplied with ability of logging regular transactions automatically.

    You may also install and run the application from the USB flash drive; consequently, your “personal accountant” will be portable and always at hand!

    Main window

    Main window without Categories and Groups

    Transaction edit


    Export to txt or CVS file


    Categories edit


    Key Fetures

    Personal Finances is a fast and easy-to-use home accounting program. It helps users keep record of their expenses, logs regular ones automatically and allows creating an unlimited number of transaction categories. The program also has a multi-base support, password protection ability, multilingual interface and option of exporting data to txt or CSV files, as well as importing. Personal Finances can run straight from a USB flash drive

    Personal Finances excludes the mere possibility of transaction classification problems to occur. It has an unlimited number of sections, categories, subsections etc. Despite the number of currencies already supported the application allows users to add more currencies, stipulating the exchange rate. Personal Finances includes abilities of sorting by any field and grouping by transaction names

    Personal Finances
    is an ultimate helper when your profits increase but no changes are seen in the standard of living. This problem is usually of paramount importance for graduating students with first working experience and nearly all families with limited home budgets. The smart tool will help you track all expenses and analyze the efficiency of using the family budget resources.

    Licenses = F R E E W A R E

    Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista


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    Looks very interesting and nice. Going to try this out

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    but not much necessary....for us........

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