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Thread: Invisble Force

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    Invisble Force

    What is this thing that keeps me coming back for more
    It's so hard to stop thinking about it ,it's eating at my core
    I speak to a man thousands of miles away
    Ive never met him either so what does that say
    But we have something between us that is strange alright
    It's like ive woken up from a deep sleep and seen the light
    We never run out of things to talk about
    And it's like i can say anything to him without a doubt
    I can't explain what is going on with him but it's driving me insane
    Just that i know when he is gone i feel so alone again
    Like i'm back under my rock hiding from the world
    Everything is safe here,and i'm in dreamworld
    I feel more alive than i have for years
    Like i have melted from the frozen state i was in with no more fears
    He has a wonderful mind and i could talk to him forever
    And i like him more than he will know ever
    This man has been like a breathe of fresh air
    And ive long since had anyone who really does care
    I feel blessed to have found such a wonderful friend
    Even if what is going on between us is hard to comprehend
    It's definitley an invisible force
    And i'am so happy to journey with him on this unexplainable course
    I've fallen for this guy so much it hurts my head
    When i think of the miles between us it fills me with dread
    To be able to look and laugh but not touch
    Is like killing me inside its all so much
    I will as per usual keep myself strong
    At the end of the day i know its with him that i truly do belong


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    nice one

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    nice sweety...

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    wat is the real name of sweety???

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    nice one

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    good post.

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