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Thread: *Did you know this???*

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    *Did you know this???*

    *Did you know this???*


    For *Railway Crossings in India there are *MALE LEVEL CROSSINGS* and

    Can you guess how they are distinguished..??

    Read this...!!!

    An inquiry was being held for an accident at a railway crossing in Punjab, India.

    A stationmaster was asked by the inquiry commission:

    "How many railway crossings are there in your area?"

    Station Master replies:
    "There are totally 11 railway crossings;
    4 are unmanned and 7 are manned crossings.

    Of the 7 manned crossings, 4 are male &
    3 are female your Honour."

    🤔After a brief silence, the inquiry commission asked?

    "What do you mean by *'male'* and *'female'* crossings? Pls explain?"

    To which the Station Master replies:

    "Where the barrier pole goes up, we call it male and where the gates spread open we call it female"...!!!😐

    Some officials nearly fainted!!!

    We love the Indian Railways 😌

    LOL 🤣😂😜😂🤣

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    can we post hyperlinks in the photo
    by the way the pics r cool

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    nice collection

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    good pics.

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