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Thread: Good Day!!!

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    Good Day!!!

    Forget about the days
    when its been cloudy, but
    don't forget your hours in the sun

    Forget about mistakes
    that you can't change now, but
    don't forget the lessons
    that you've learned

    Forget about the times
    you've been defeated, but
    don't forget the victories you've won

    Forget about misfortunes
    you encounter, but
    don't forget the times your luck has turned

    Forget about the days
    when you've been lonely, but
    don't forget the friendly smiles you've seen

    Forget about the plans
    that didn't seem
    to work out right, but...


    Don't forget to Always Have A Dream

    Keep Smiling

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    forget what frnds say harshly but don't forget the sweet things they did....nice one lina

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    hey sunny cheers yaar.........

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