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Thread: Slow Tears

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    Jasmine Surve

    Slow Tears

    I look up
    as a tear rolls slowly
    down my cheek
    I think about better days
    and wonder if I'll feel that way again
    you look at me
    with those eyes I know so well
    always serious, so deep and insightful
    as though you're always in control
    But not today
    not now
    Now you look so scared
    like for once you don't have the answer
    I gaze at you
    looking deep into those hazel eyes
    Hoping to understand
    why you've said those things you did
    I wonder for a moment
    if this is all a dream
    if I shall wake in the morning
    and be relieved
    you look at me
    with a confusion I have never seen
    slowly pull me towards you
    and wipe the tears from my cheek


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    nice poem....

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    good one..!

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